January Events

For those that have signed a group booking contract with Original Resorts, this is the ONLY place to let us know when your group will be at Desire Riviera Maya

January Events

Postby vacationlifestylers » Thu Jul 21, 2022 7:54 pm

Any groups going in January 2023? We are mid-40s. We have fun a few times a year and enjoy the freedom to play. We can be soft or full. We never have any expectations. We do prefer booking for a weekend that's more oriented towards lifestylers over toe dippers (nothing wrong with toe dipping of course) so hopefully there's a fun group we can meet. Let us know.
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Re: January Events

Postby Lkncouple » Wed Oct 26, 2022 10:08 am

January is "International Lifestyle month". We have not been in January for a couple of years. They used lighten up the rules on public sex, allowed threesomes to go, special theme nights and they used to have workshops. I think it is the same except they don't have the workshops any more. We really enjoyed the workshops. They would have Intro to S&M, tantric, Massage and other classes. Each week they would bring in a new guest teaching workshops. I really thought those workshops were awesome and should do that all year. The did have Richard and Lauren from Room 77 teach the Art of Sensual Touch classes for a while, then some guy was a huge ass and posted a bunch of crap about them on Facebook and complained to management and they quit teaching them. I don't think Desire offers any classes now.
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