Looking for Mar/ April groups

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Looking for Mar/ April groups

Postby CL Dub » Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:34 pm

My wife and I are a 1st time couple planning our first c/o trip to Hedo or Desire.
Though we really do not want to wait, the dates which work best for us is March/April 2015. Unless we can find a screaming deal (no pun intended) before then.
We think we know what hedo/Desire is all about from in reading, videos, emails, chats etc, which excites us.
Though we are 1st timers we don't plan to be sitting there on our hands staring at each other.

We are an early 40's couple, kids are pretty much grown up and it is time for the 2 of us to experience life to the fullest, together.
We do plan on making the most of our experience. Dressing up well for theme nights, participating during daily activities, nude cruise, hot tub, PDA's...

Knowing that there are people interested in all different lifestyles at hedo/Desire normally, and though this will not bother us in the least, we are not so much interested in groups that are mainly focused on swingers, bi relationships, singles etc

Groups focusing on couples, especially the wives, and a helluva good time, if that makes any sense would be perfect.

So having said that we are wondering if most groups are the same or if they vary and if they do vary greatly, which ones would suit us best and end which ones should we avoid.

Flights to Mexico are muuuch better time wise(4-6 hrs mexico each way vs 13- 24 hrs for jamaica), but it seems that hedo is less expensive ($149/nt/pp, $298 total) and crazier, lol, is this accurate?

What groups are attending Desire in March or April of 2015 and what are the room prices with a group and without a group?

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Re: Looking for Mar/ April groups

Postby strauss422 » Sat Sep 13, 2014 4:21 pm

We are making our 4th trip to RM May 2015. Our other 3 were in late April. Although we havnt been to hedo, from what I understand its alot more aobut the swinging there. When we researched 4 years ago the biggest CON to hedo in our opinion was they allow day passes for single men to come in a hang out and gawk. Desire is couples only. Sex at desire is contained to hot tub are or sin room next to night club. So you could actually spend your entire time there and not see any sex if you didnt want to. I would say most couples during a given week unless a take over week are mostly nudists, voyeurs, etc, with the minority being full swap swingers. We are not swingers, but I will say the ones we have met while at Desire over the last 3 trips are wonderful people, they do not judge either way, like you they are there for a fun relaxing time, not a mission to hook up as much as possible. Again these are just my opinions. Keep reading the posts and feel free to ask me or anyone on here anything.
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