4th Trip Report DRM and 1st time Pearl July 2019

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4th Trip Report DRM and 1st time Pearl July 2019

Postby poshandbecks » Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:35 pm

We arrived safely at Cancun airport after a very pleasurable 10.00 hour flight with British Airways. We had a small wait at Passport control and collecting our suitcases. Surprised to find ourselves leaving the airport with the Red and Green lights again as we didn't need to do that last year! We found our luxury car waiting outside and we were finally on our way.

We arrived with the wonderful welcome which is Desire and its' staff. Check-in was quick and our room was ready. Staff have always been able to give us our chosen location of room which is fabulous. It is one of the most basic rooms, which requires some renovating, but is adequate considering the amount of time we actually spend in it! We love being near the pool and the restaurants.

We unpacked, had some food, a few drinks at the bar and bombed out at 10.30pm as we were exhausted.

We woke up to beautiful blue skies, the sound of the sea and the staff busy cleaning, neatly sorting out the pool chairs and working hard to make our stay the best it can be.

We were home. A year in the planning and we were finally here. 10:30 hours? We would travel however long it takes to get to where our heart Desires.

After seeing Danny/Jose to get our pool beds, our daily routine starts with tea/coffee by the pool. It's just us, the staff and the birds. It is very relaxing, peaceful and the most enjoyable feeling, being on holiday with my fella together, the sunshine on our naked bodies and the anticipation of the fun to be had during the day ahead.

Before breakfast we go down to the beach. The water is clear and inviting. We all know there has been a major seaweed problem on the Mexico beaches this year and I must admit there was a smell in the air when we first arrived at the resort, but we could no longer smell anything. Whether we had become accustomed to the smell or whether it had just gone I cannot say which; but Desire's introduction of the black floats with netting, which sections off the hotels portion of the beach, works really well in stopping the influx of seaweed invading. A fabulous addition to the improvements being made.

We enjoyed many mornings on our own in the warm sea water, taking advantage of the sexy vibe of DRM. It may not be public sex but it is out in the open. Although, we have friends who have a beach front apartment, we were spotted! :shock: They were only looking out for us in case we needed rescuing! Got to love the American Emergency Services, always working :lol:. Good friends with whom we had a great laugh and look forward to meeting up with again.

The sea water, depending on the wind, sometimes became murky and brown later in the day, so we found early morning was the best time if you are sea lovers as we are. We found our trips to the beach definitely helped to encourage our appetite for breakfast ;) .

Breakfast is generally between 09.00-09:30 before we re-settle around the pool. The music starts changing from chilled to upbeat. The pool bar opens as Desire guests start their day and the vibe starts changing to a bring on the party atmosphere.

We have really enjoyed our fourth visit to DRM. We spent 7 days with a fabulous group of people, who love to have fun. They took us into their fold, made us feel part of their group and we are so glad we met them.

We love DRM where you are talking and chatting with people you've only just met, naked or partly dressed, it doesn't matter which, and feeling totally relaxed.

The Jacuzzi, which can be hit or miss, as you might have read in my previous reviews, was the best ever for us this year. On one particular afternoon we decided to take time out and go to the Jacuzzi at 15:00. There was only a handful of people upstairs.

We started off on our own, sitting in the corner of the Jacuzzi by the bar. We got chatting with the bar staff who started making us all sorts of drinking concoctions to try - very nice. We were then joined by a group of 8 friends who had so many funny stories to tell, by the time we realised the time it was 19:00. When we got out the water, we were wrinkled. Not a good look! :)

The Jacuzzi was good fun, both daytime and night time. Some guests were on the beds, some drinking by the Jacuzzi bar, others chatting and drinking in the Jacuzzi, some on their own enjoying romance with their partner. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone doing their own thing.

On one particular occasion, we got out the Jacuzzi and were just sitting on the sofa, chilling, finishing our drinks. A young lady walked over and placed her foot on the side of the sofa next to us. She was totally relaxed as she said out loud to her partner "Babe I'm in the moment". He immediately stopped what he was doing, came over, grabbed her, placed her down on the sofa next to us and started to devour his wife. We sat there frozen, wondering whether we should move or stay, as we didn't want to make them feel awkward (not that they would have noticed!). It was difficult not to embarrassingly watch as natural curiosity takes over and our eyes steer to what is happening all on their own! :o It made us both smile our secret smile. Even after 4visits to DRM we are still surprised by how free and relaxed couples are. There is really no other place like it.

The theme nights are always good fun as guests dress to impress. Brilliant nights and well done to those who designed their own outfits. They were outrageously fantastic. It makes everyone smile and the party atmosphere moves up a level. We just love it.

During this trip, we were 'talked' in to attending the membership presentation but the figures did not work out in favour for us living in Europe so we declined.

What we did find interesting was hearing that they are proposing to move the DRM Jacuzzi to the ground floor, making it bigger, a bit more like Pearl. Ground floor is good but we really hope they don't change the layout of the way the DRM Jacuzzi is already as we were not impressed with the set-up of the Jacuzzi area at Pearl.

After our 7 nights at DRM we had our first visit of 3 nights at Pearl, thus the comparison with the Jacuzzi area and facilities at both resorts. For those reading this, we emphasise this is our opinion. There are aspects of Pearl which are better than DRM but better doesn't always make it the right place for everybody. For us there is no place like DRM but you can make up your own mind.

Our observations were:

    The Pearl Jacuzzi bar is only accessible when you are in the Jacuzzi itself. At DRM a lot of socialising goes on around the bar outside of being in the Jacuzzi. We have often gone to the DRM Jacuzzi bar, after a night partying at the disco, for a drink and a chat with friends without actually getting into the Jacuzzi.

    The DRM sofa and chairs and the way they are situated, invites guests to sit, mingle and chat (and other things as above :D ). The only sitting area at Pearl is located between both the pool and Jacuzzi. When sitting there you are not really part of the Jacuzzi and it also doubles as a smoking area.

    The smaller DRM Jacuzzi is cosier and easier for guests to socialise than the larger Pearl Jacuzzi. The Pearl jets are so hot it makes it difficult to sit along the sides and is much deeper than DRM.

    The Pearl Jacuzzi beds are somehow uninviting and whilst we were there, hardly used. There was a feeling of awkwardness and we noticed that on the rare occasion the beds were used, the occupants pulled the net curtains closed around the bed. Not sure why they do it but all we know is that you don't get that feeling at DRM. At DRM beds are used regularly and the sexy vibe is all around you. The beds on the upper level around the Jacuzzi itself are an added bonus. During the day, guests often sit on the beds chilling while still feeling part of the Jacuzzi scene where you can watch guests mingling or doing body shots on the bar. You do not get this at Pearl.
In comparison we just felt Pearl's Jacuzzi area was lacking compared to the ambiance of DRM and this had a lot to do with the lay out. The DRM format works well and we hope they don't change it with the proposed new Jacuzzi.

    DRM's Sahlo is romantic with it's design, low lighting and cosy tables, good service and we have never had a bad meal. Pearl's Pearl restaurant has luxurious interior design, good service and good food but its lighting and seating areas lose the feeling of romance.

    DRM's Arreciffe and Tentazione offer self service, there is always a good choice of food for everyone's taste. Pearl's Aphrodite on the other hand offers a choice of self service or menu table service and the food is delicious but they lack in their choice of salads.
Overall both resorts compare well, but there is that something a little extra with the food at Pearl but what Pearl gain in food excellence they lose in atmosphere and romance.

    The bedrooms at Pearl are much bigger and spacious with lots of lay down area which is lovely. Our room had both a bath and a shower with lots of space around the sink to actually store our cosmetic items. The balcony was bigger and we sat outside and enjoyed a drink before dinner.
But having said that, we have only ever stayed at our chosen basic garden view room at DRM and we choose it for its convenience and location and we wouldn't change it.

    The Pearl pool is much bigger. There is a wall separating the pool into 2 sections. The other section being the quieter zone, with double beds, where you can relax and chill around the pool without being in the hub and noise of the main pool.

    There was one area in the quiet side of the Pearl pool that we absolutely loved. It was like a large step with a flat surface, where you could lie down on your back in shallow water with your head on a ledge and your body half submerged. To be able to sunbathe feeling the sun on your naked body whilst the water quietly cooled you down is a perfect combination and was wonderful. But is this enough to take us back to Pearl? I'm afraid not.
As with everything, bigger doesn't always mean better and we found the pool lacked the fun vibe of the smaller pool area at DRM.

Evening entertainment/Theme nights
    DRM wins this one overall for having a much better party vibe. This is down to DRM guests who fully embrace the fun sexy theme nights and the Melange Bar with its fabulous all night Pizza, where guests can gather at anytime. The format of the layout of the Melange Bar and Disco works really well at DRM and Pearl's lobby area cannot compete.

    At Pearl guests meet in the lobby, which I'm afraid has no vibe or atmosphere at all. At disco time, guests queue outside the doors waiting for them to open to rush in to get a seat! It was like a day at the sales. Once the entertainment had finished, there was mass exodus. Apart from a handful of guests, everyone leaves. :shock: We were bewildered. I looked to see if guests had converged back into the lobby but the lobby area was completely empty. Where did everyone go?
With regard to Pearl themed outfits, it was hit or miss during our stay. On one evening the guests went all out but the following evening, we actually felt embarrassed for dressing up as only 6 other couples did the same. At DRM we feel out of place if we don't dress up.

And that ends my trip report which I hope you enjoyed reading.

Whatever our views, it is up to you to make up your own minds on which resort suits you best. Neither resort has it all but for us the magic of DRM is within us and we enjoy all that DRM has to offer.

Enjoy your stay at either resort, relax, have fun and let go of your inhibitions. I have started to and it feels fantastic. Roll on summer 2020.

:UK Posh and Becks
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Re: 4th Trip Report DRM and 1st time Pearl July 2019

Postby shore128 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:08 pm

Posh and Beck,

Enjoyed reading your review. We couldn't agree with you more in terms of the facilities comparisons and your preferences. From our viewpoint, you're spot on in terms of the comparisons of the respective lobby bars, the hottubs, the restaurants and overall layout of the resorts. We've enjoyed our vacations at Pearl, but we strongly prefer RM for the same reasons you do.
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Re: 4th Trip Report DRM and 1st time Pearl July 2019

Postby chrisgorrod » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:15 pm

Great review just how we feel we love RM :UK :CAN
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Re: 4th Trip Report DRM and 1st time Pearl July 2019

Postby edunlla » Sun Oct 13, 2019 5:53 pm

Thank you for your trip report PoshandBecks.
I (hubby) have to agree with you 100% In December we will make our second trip to Pearl and our 3rd stay at RM. I am hoping that Pearl can prove me wrong. The only thing memorable for us on our first trip was the wonderful room and the photo shoot we did. Other than that RM was hands down a better experience.
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Re: 4th Trip Report DRM and 1st time Pearl July 2019

Postby Hector » Sun Oct 13, 2019 11:03 pm

After reading your trip report, I am starting to thinking switching to DRM seriously on my next trip ! :L
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Re: 4th Trip Report DRM and 1st time Pearl July 2019

Postby poshandbecks » Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:50 pm

Thank you for taking the time to add your forum replies and send us your personal messages. It makes it so worthwhile writing a trip report when so many of you appreciate reading it.

Whichever resort you have chosen to visit, we hope you have had a fantastic time experiencing everything Desire has to offer.

For us, it will always be DRM, and we have booked our 5th trip back in July 2020 and we are excitedly counting the days.

Looking forward to enjoying the Desire Magic and meeting up with good friends.

:UK Posh and Becks
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Re: 4th Trip Report DRM and 1st time Pearl July 2019

Postby Bares-Fans » Sun Feb 16, 2020 6:12 pm

First, Awesome review and thank you for telling us so much about what you learned. 3 times to Pearl for us, and soon to go to RM for the first time.
I wanted to chime in for anyone who has not been to Pearl who might get the impression that it is always like the trip you had, that the jacuzzi experience varies. Maybe it is just us (I would love to think so haha) but we have seen a completely different experience than you did at Pearl. Not to refute what you said in any way, just to add more perspective from other trips, we have seen at Pearl in the DAYTIME:

-4 couple orgy on the day beds in the afternoons-which spilled out onto the deck,

-Multiple body shot events on the bars--including on men (yay),

-Girl on girl on girl on girl (too many girls to count) on the center island of the big jacuzzi (more than one trip btw)

-Plenty of action on the beds--never with any curtains ever closed,

-Big circle of "motor boating" and blind folded guess whose boobies/cock?

I feel like you might have gone to Pearl on a weirdly slow week and I feel so bad that it was so tame! We have had really good luck, especially in January and March. That said, given the fun we have already had at Pearl, you have just upped our excitement over RM!!! :D
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