December 12/2-12/9, 2019 RM plus a night at Pearl

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December 12/2-12/9, 2019 RM plus a night at Pearl

Postby D&H » Thu Jan 02, 2020 11:37 am

We initially booked 3 nights starting 12/2, and then we were supposed to head to a convention elsewhere in Cancun. The day before our scheduled checkout, we learned that the convention was cancelled. So, we put on some clothes and headed to the front desk to see if we could extend our stay. When we checked online, there was no availability. Of course they hit us up again to sit through the sales pitch, and since we were in a little bit of a bind, we agreed. Lo and behold, we were able to stay in our same room at the same sale rate for another 4 nights. The last night the only thing open was a passion suite, and I couldn’t justify paying over $1000 for one night for a room we would only be in to shower and sleep. So, we moved over to Pearl the last night.

This was not our first c/o experience. We have been to 3 other hotels that are c/o and PDS/lifestyle friendly. This was the first all-inclusive we had been to though, and that was a major plus and very convenient. It was also nice to be surrounded by mostly couples. There was one threesome couple there, and we did witness a man on a day pass from Temptation (we never saw anyone with him) who had to be removed by security due to inappropriate behavior. Thanks to forum posts, it was easy to meet people and figure out the daily flow at the resort. I have celiac disease and I did fine at the restaurants, but Pearl had better food and more gluten free options.

We are 37, and we felt like there was a really good mix of ages while we were there. Our one night at Pearl, we noticed that there was sort of a gap between the age groups present, but we still had fun and spent pretty much the entire day in the pool chatting with another couple a little older than us. I think our tattoos were our biggest icebreaker and helped us start conversations with lots of people at both resorts.

Oddly enough, we never ventured into the playroom. We made good use of the jacuzzi beds, a beach bed, our bed with the blinds open, and even a pool chair. It was confusing because we thought we couldn’t play at the pool, but when a playmaker comes over with chocolate sauce...couldn’t let that go to waste.

We were there for a foam party, and that was fun. The playmakers did a great job of encouraging interaction. The theme nights were fun, even though we were only prepared for 3 of them since we hadn’t planned to stay 8 nights total. We could’ve purchased some theme night items at the gift shop, but we were content to just make due. The nightly entertainment was good.

I do wish we had used a transfer service instead of a taxi to go back to the airport. We used it from the airport to RM, and it was seamless. We walked outside at the airport and immediately saw them holding up a sign with our name on it. It was a van, but we were the only ones in it, which was nice. The taxi that took us to the airport from Pearl allegedly only took cash, which we did not have. Because we didn’t have a cash PIN for our credit card, we went through a drawn out process and essentially ended up paying almost double what the posted fare should’ve been.

We really enjoyed the jacuzzi, and had some great conversations and fun interactions there. We typically drink rum and tequila and our daily go-to tended to be Flor de Caña or Milagro. The pool bar made a pretty good mojito too. It’s easy to drink too much, so we really made an effort to have a water after each beverage. A mid-afternoon snack also was a life-saver. We got into the habit of ordering a plate of fries right before the lunch buffet closed. The extra carbs and sodium helped us get through the afternoon and early evening until dinner.

We ate at the buffets most meals. Plenty of options. We had sushi at Suki one evening with new friends. I really enjoyed how easy it was to join up with other couples and chat over a meal. Our last night at Pearl, there was no buffet due to a premier members event, so we made a reservation for Pearl. It was French cuisine that night, and we splurged and got the tomahawk steak and split it. Wow! It was amazing! And I think our server there was among the top 3 best servers we’ve ever had anywhere.

We are still keeping in touch with several couples we met during this trip. It’s funny how being naked with people all day kind of helps you bond faster. The big question is, would we go back? Absolutely. But I think we would stay at Pearl and probably for 4 nights. Thanks again to everyone who contributed on the forum to help us in planning our trip!
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Re: December 12/2-12/9, 2019 RM plus a night at Pearl

Postby reachn » Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:04 pm

great report, glad you guys had a great time.... love this place sooooo much!
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Re: December 12/2-12/9, 2019 RM plus a night at Pearl

Postby edunlla » Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:13 am

Thank you so much for your candid report D&H. We liked reading that. We were at Desire the same time as you but in the opposite order. We were at Pearl when you were at RM and we transferred to RM on the day you went to Pearl. We need to get our trip report posted as well so maybe some pieces of it will be of help to others who are travelling there.
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