New trip report June 18th- 24th, 2022

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New trip report June 18th- 24th, 2022

Postby RandPcouple » Fri Jun 24, 2022 6:11 pm

This forum really helped us decide to move forward with our decision to book, so I wanted to write a quick recap of our trip to Desire RM so we can give back a little. Our flights were direct from Texas both ways and southwest got us there and back without any issue. We had to wait for baggage for about 1.5 hours once in Cancun but otherwise smooth sailing. We always try to just go with carry on to avoid this potential but the trip was too long and the wife had a number of outfits she wanted to bring. USA transfers was great, zero issues.

We were happy with the resort itself. While we’ve stayed at many resorts with more opulent amenities, the staff and guests really set this place apart. Truly everyone was incredibly friendly and staff really seemed genuine, smiling and helpful, just great overall. We went with Desire RM primary because it seemed the club was more active and my wife loves to dance. The club from 11pm until about 1am didn’t disappoint, the Mrs’s absolutely loved it. We aren’t in the LS but we’re able to fulfill some fantasies of mine that the wife was willing to indulge. We used the playroom a few times, both of which it was quite active with at least 6 other couples going at it. The second night we played alongside another great (and attractive) couple from PA, which we both thoroughly enjoyed ( shout out to R**** and J****). The wife kissed a few other female guests which was also super hot. We went to the upstairs jacuzzi a few time but the wife was a little concerned about bodily fluids and so that wasn’t something we spent a lot of time doing.

Again, we aren’t in the LS, but I will say this spurred on some interesting conversations. In the end LS is not for us, but I think we are firmly in the “dirty vanilla” camp. As far as food, I believe it’s been compared before to cruise ship quality. I think that’s a fair description, it’s good, but not great. But the food isn’t why anyone comes to a place like this. We will absolutely be back at some point.
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