DRM Jul 23-28, 2022 (Swingtopia takeover)

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DRM Jul 23-28, 2022 (Swingtopia takeover)

Postby Cheers2US » Sun Jul 31, 2022 6:40 pm

Hi everyone!

Just got back from 5 days at Desire Riviera Maya. This was our maybe 4th or 5th trip to this resort (we've also been to Pearl and Temptation) but it was our first TAKEOVER. Yes, we were part of the SWINGTOPIA takeover, hosted by IOS Connections and Char Travel.

A little background: my husband and I are not swingers or swappers. We like visiting lifestyle resorts and clubs because we like to be sexy and feel sexy around other sexy people. No, I don't want to have sex with you or your hot wife, but I don't mind if you're in the same room with us as we get it on.

As we were nervous for our first visit to a topless-optional resort (Temptation), our first visit to a clothing-optional resort (Desire) we were also nervous for our first takeover. We had never heard of IOS or Char Travel before and we certainly were not familiar with their takeovers.

Well, we had a great time. It was a lot like regular Desire (meaning awesome) with some added extras: One was a super sexy magic show by the talented Chuck Lane and his amazing wife Julie. There were also 2 foam parties and an S+M class. On the final night, we were able to ride a big, pink mechanical penis.

The beach was shorter and narrower than I remember it. It was not possible to take a long walk on the beach; only go back and forth as it is cut off at both ends. There was a lot of seaweed/sargassum on one day, but for the rest of the week, the barriers kept it at bay.

The pool was a lot of fun. The Playmakers were still there doing their thing. Volleyball, trivia, sexy bingo. I'm so glad they were there, both day and night helping to make the festivities fun. Sergio and Kevin were my eye candy and my husband got to ogle Monica and Eve. Sad to hear that Yuni has left!

Service was outstanding as always. Good old Arcos the bellboy at check in (I think he is always there) Yazmin at el Arricefe (she handles the dinner reservations) Maria the hostess at el Arricefe and Tentazione, Ivan at Suki, Africa for poolside drinks, Velvet and Rogelio for nighttime drinks and Miguel the chef at el Arricefe. Many, many more whose names I've forgotten!

One really nice thing about the takeover: no membership push. Thank Heavens. Not a single attempt. We did not even see the purple pool towels. I guess all guests were treated equally for this takeover.

We used Sarmez for our transportation. In the past, we've used USA Transfers and Canada Transfers. We've gotten good service from all 3 companies. However, for our past 3 trips, Sarmez has given us the lowest quotes. Their drivers were always either early or on time. I like helping smaller companies especially if they do just as well, if not better, than the big guys.

We were at DRM Jul 23-28 but our flight left on the 29th. So we spent our final day in Cancun in a regular, non-all-inclusive hotel called Aloft Cancun. It was quite nice! Right in the heart of Cancun's Hotel Zone, just a few minutes walking from the big clubs like Coco Bongos, Mandala, The City, La Vaquita, Trap and Senor Frogs. We didn't venture into any of the clubs as you can see a lot of the entertainment from outside on the sidewalk It's a lot of fun and a great environment. Reminded me a lot of Fremont Street in Old Las Vegas: bright lights, music, restaurants, shops, hustle and bustle. We had so much fun there that we plan to spend more time in the Hotel Zone for our next trip, meaning fewer days at Desire.

I think for us, 3 days/nights at Desire is enough. After that, it gets a little "old". Again, that's just us! I know there are a lot of folks who are happy spending every minute at Desire. We once met a couple from the UK who was spending 2 weeks at Pearl. Wow!

Shout out to Jason and Heather of IOS Connections and Jim and Char from Char Travel. They did a great job and we had an amazing time.
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Re: DRM Jul 23-28, 2022 (Swingtopia takeover)

Postby fordescort » Tue Aug 09, 2022 10:32 am

We have been to all three resorts, and have found that, from the UK, 7 days is not enough to adjust. We are heading to RM in October for 10 days... not 2 weeks, but nearly ! :UK
You never know, next time it might have to be the full 2 weeks !
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Re: DRM Jul 23-28, 2022 (Swingtopia takeover)

Postby nuru » Tue Aug 09, 2022 10:43 pm

We are from the UK and we usually do around 2 weeks. We have done longer. We were actually there last month during the takeover. I think if we were US based we would prob do more often shorter trips. But like previous poster says with the time difference plus the added cost etc of flying in from the UK I don’t think we would ever do less than 10 days there.
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