Trip Report May25-3Jun

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Trip Report May25-3Jun

Postby EnV4Fun » Fri Jun 09, 2023 12:07 am

LOTS of CHANGES this trip.....most unfortunately were disappointing. And yes, brought many of these discrepancies to the management while we were there. Will it make a difference? We sure HOPE SO.

The "Steak BBQ which we had come to enjoy was now an EXTRA CHARGE ($175-$400 depending on the steak you chose) as well as additional bottles of Champagne for the Passion suite (previously free -> now $25 a bottle for anything over 1 per day).

Double standards were the norm between males and females for food - males could not get food from the buffet area in a tank top while women were routinely topless with a bikini bottom on.

We both work in the medical field and are routinely tested for drugs. Weed was RAMPANT throughout the resort for the first time - security did not seem to care. In addition, cameras were PREVALENT at the daytime pool, hot tub, and disco with ZERO intervention from security.

All in all we were VERY disappointed in this trip. We were told MORE THAN ONCE, "If you were a Villa member..." when we brought our concerns to management. Room service was severely lacking as our butler would routinely take our orders / requests and then nothing o=would materialize. NOT THEIR FAULT - but the persons they would pass on the order to simply seemed not to care (ANOTHER FIRST).

Will we go back? Of course - we have so many people there we consider our annual "visit family" - were we happy with this trip...I will say if it were our first, we (sadly) probably would not go back.

There was so much more that went poorly - and we have talked to those who should know about those issues. We remain loyal and hope that the challenges they are experiencing will diminish. It is hard to continue the excellence of a SMALL and patron focused resort - when CORPORATE MONEY comes into play and corrupts everything that your history has built for a base clientele.
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