DRM Virgins - April 25th through May 1st, 2024

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DRM Virgins - April 25th through May 1st, 2024

Postby JackNSam » Tue May 07, 2024 9:39 am

Hi Everyone,

My wife and I are DRM virgins and where there April 25th through May 1st, 2024. We have been married 23 years and have never done anything like this. Not even a nude beach let alone a LS resort! Excited, nervous and everything in between. Thanks to everyone on the forum and all the great information that has been shared and shared again to us newbies. It was super helpful and really made our trip less confusing and more enjoyable.

First and foremost we had an amazing time. What an experience!!!! My wife and I were not in the lifestyle and had never even been to a nude beach. So,we were feeling a bit overwhelmed before we got to DRM and talked a lot about our “guardrails”. However, after a day there we were like “f**k it this is fun and sexy so lets have some fun”. We then proceeded to check off a number of “things” that we had not planned on doing haha. Our guardrails turned into more of guidelines that could be moved a bit.

Room: We stayed in one of the new Seductive Garden Swim Up Suites. We had room 2601 which was adjacent to the new Eden pool and path everyone took to get to the Eden rooms. It was also in line of sight to the stairs going up to the new hot tub and disco. We felt secluded but we were completely exposed and we ended up really enjoying getting naked and having everyone look at us haha. The room was very large and beautiful but expensive. Definitely worth it for our first time as we acclimated to the environment. Our butlers were amazing (Raphael, Jonathan and “G”).

Food: We ate at all of the restaurants and all were good. Some meals were better than others and none were amazing but all were solid. We had our butler reserve us a different restaurant every evening so we could taste them all. Our main issue was that some of the courses would be served cold and not fresh (not a lot). Other than that, overall very good.

Pools / Hot Tub / Disco : As people have mentioned on the forums before, the energy is dependent on who is there. We stayed six nights and got a taste of everything including DRMs 21st anniversary party.
New Eden Pool: This pool is always full of energy and mostly naked people. Super fun and a great option to meet people with a younger energetic feel to it. However, for us, there were a few late nights that had us wanting a relaxed and quiet day. On these days we went to the old pool which we ended up calling the “Romantic Pool”. No open sex at the new Eden pool.

Romantic Pool: This was a great option to just relax and read, etc. Sex does happen here and we saw a number of couples enjoying themselves the both days we were there. We really loved having this option to decompress after a late night.

Hot Tub: The new hot tub was great. The first night we were there it was packed (4:30 to 6:30). Standing room only. Sex also was happening consistently in the evenings on the beds. However, the hot tub was never that crowded later in the evening or after midnight. But there were always one or two couples getting it on once the sun went down.

Beds / couches / lounges next to the hot tub: Great area and every night it was being used. Some nights there were 2-3-4 couples but on Friday night every single spot was taken by one or more couples. At one point I think there were over 40 people playing at the same time. Wow!!!!

Disco: The new disco was amazing. Smoke, lights, great sound system, lighted floor and f**king sexy people getting sweaty. Without the disco our stay would not have been nearly as fun. My wife is NOT a dancer and by day two she was looking forward to it and pulling me on the dance floor.

Sin Room: Great room with I think six beds and a sex chair or two. Overall I think this could use some changes because it wasn’t being used that much. I think what’s happening is that folks are dancing at the disco and then heading directly outside to the hot tub and beds for play. Because the outside area is so close to the disco the sin room isn’t that necessary. In my opinion, they need to make the sin room more festive and lively like the disco so it’s different from the outside. I think this could drive more people into it to experience something different.

Some evening highlights from the trip:

Day 1: Theme was uniforms. My wife dressed up as a sexy stewardess and I was a captain. She was super uncomfortable and almost didn’t participate. So I went out to the daily 9:30pm pre-show that started with sexy themed dancers / DJ and then a live band. Wanted to see what folks were wearing. Got my wife to come out and check it out as well. She decided to participate (she’s tall, slender and smoking hot) and never looked back. We danced until 2AM and by the time we left her top was off! We then had sex on our “sex chair” in front of our glass sliding doors. Dipping our toes haha.

Day 2: This was DRMs 21st anniversary party. Theme was supposed to be Angels and Devils but because of the anniversary party (circus themed) they also added circus costumes. Overall fun night but the anniversary party went on a bit too long and it was quite windy outside. While getting pizza and a BLT downstairs from the disco (open most of the night) we met a great couple that we ended up partying with the next couple nights.

Day 3: Theme was Latin Night: Okay, got to tell you that this night was so smoking HOT and sexy. The “sexy scale” we set here will be forever hard to beat. We met a very fun couple the night before and they introduced us to four other attractive couples at the disco. The ladies were so sexy and into each other. At some point fireball shots started for the ladies and next thing you know their tops were off. All the ladies started making out and then fireball was being drizzled and then kissed, licked and sucked off of tits and nipples. Holy f**k!!! Then we all ended up naked in someone's hot tub. Won’t go into details but damn it was sexy and fun. Before the evening was over my wife and I ended it up on one of the beds by the hot tub. Checked off a number of bucket list items!

Day 4: Theme night Lace Dreams: No expectations this night as we were both pretty tired. For dinner we sat next to a super nice couple that’s in the LS. They asked us if we wanted to play / soft swap but this wasn’t something we had on our list to do so we declined politely. Sure our boundaries had moved but not quite that much. We ended up back at the pre-disco party and naturally gravitated to the people we met the night before. We ended up back at the disco dancing and at some point we were asked to parallel play with one of the couples from the night before. We said yes and we ended up outside on one of the beds next to the hot tub. Turned into my wife's favorite memory of the trip. Found out after that we put on a fun show haha. There was a bit of soft swap between the ladies but nothing more.

Day 5: Theme night 69 shades of desire: Pretty tame evening but we did do the daily 9:30pm party and disco. My wife had on custom leather BDSM gear and knocked it out of the park. Both sexy and real. Meaning most people didn’t go full BDSM so she stood out in the crowd. All 6’2” of her in her 4” heals. I had a horse crop and got to spank her throughout the evening. What’s better than that?

Day 6: Theme night Greek Gods: Sorry to say, even though my wife was stunning again, we were in bed after dinner. 8am departure from DRM.

(On day 6 we also did the seductive massage in the afternoon. I know some people have been complaining about it, that it’s not like it used to be. Well, based on our experience I’m not sure what it used to be because I can’t imagine much more.

1. Once you check in your host takes you to the locker / changing room to get into slippers and a robe. Then they take you to a quiet room to lay on a bed and drink flavored water.
2. From there you move to the massage room. In the massage room is a shower and hot tub. Your host makes sure you take a shower and scrub off completely. Yes we were both naked scrubbing each other down in front of her. Kinda sexy to be honest. From there we were helped into the hot tub and the host opened a bottle of champagne and poured two glasses. She then left.
3. After 15 minutes or so our two masseuses came in. For us two ladies. They helped us out of the hot tub and my wife onto her massage bed. I had brought some toys so I asked my masseuse if we could use them and she said yes so we set them up while my wife was face down and couldn’t see.
4. Massage starts on the back for 30 or so minutes, then you get flipped over for the front. About 10 minutes in they start slowly working you up. Full touching and stroking, seductive groaning in your ear etc.. “SNIP” …. I had too much info. In short they only used their hands but did most anything you can imagine. Both of us had amazing orgasms.
5. After that you can sit in the sauna, steam room and then shower.

Best things we brought based on forum recommendations:
1. Yeti cup - Best idea ever.
2. $1, $5 bills. Lots of them for tips.
3. Notebook for names.
4. Clips for towels - Used these everyday as it was breezy most of the time.

Thanks again everyone. We’ll be back either this fall or next spring.
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Re: DRM Virgins - April 25th through May 1st, 2024

Postby J&STX » Fri May 10, 2024 6:54 am

Great report! Sounds like y'all did it right we are planning a trip. We are in the reading and planning stages, trying to figure out when we can go. Question about the guardrails to guidelines. How did you guys discuss and modify as you went?
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Re: DRM Virgins - April 25th through May 1st, 2024

Postby desireaddict » Fri May 17, 2024 10:21 am

Guardrails to guidelines

Great way to explain the Desire experience.
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