Desire RM Virgin Trip 1/6/18-1/11/18

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Desire RM Virgin Trip 1/6/18-1/11/18

Postby G&M_MN » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:06 am

We went for our first trip to Desire RM 1/6/18-1/11/18.

To set the stage, we had been to Desire Cabo San Lucas prior to its closure once, and also to both Hedonism III (before it closed) and Hedonism II.

To avoid repetition, typical day was:
Wake up and get to breakfast by about 10 or so. Hang out by the pool, get roped into games by DD, walk some on the beach, laugh at the people walking back and forth from other resorts gawking, etc. Lunch around 1-2, up to the Hot Tub by about 4:00 or so, to dinner around 7-8 PM, and then get ready for the night’s entertainment. Bands and shows were always fun, Disco was loud, but fun. Then to the Hot Tub for night-time fun and “entertainment.” Bed by 1-3 AM.

Woke up stupidly early to be to the airport by 3:30 AM to catch our 6 AM flight. Flew Sun Country, uneventful flight, followed prior poster’s advice about printing up Mexico immigration forms in advance, so one less thing to do on the flight. Amusing time in Customs when they searched our luggage and found M’s costume for Nautical night, she asked if we were going to a party.

USA Transfers was excellent at getting us to our resort. Only gripe is that their directions had one small mistake. You need to follow through the 1st “Family and Friends Only” sign before the glass doors, go through the timeshare vultures (and out the 2nd set of glass doors), and then follow the "Tour Operators/Resort Transportation" signs (and at that time, not the "Family and Friends Only" signs). This may be because were were in the brand new terminal, so they just need to update. No wait for our ride, and no one else came with us.

Had done the “Express Check In” online earlier, so they already had all my details, so check-in was smooth. Out in time for lunch, change into resort appropriate attire, promptly took that back off, and relaxed by the pool (AKA took a nap). Room was ready by 3.

Dinner at the tables at Suki, great service, very good food.

Theme night was Red, and lots of participation. Band was decent, lead singer may have been just a bit off his game, but good selection of music.

Everyone was complaining about the cooler temps and wind when we got there, but since we had left -10 F or so, and landed in 75 F or so temps, we were good!

Fairly typical day (see above). M got drafted into the “Shake it Naked” competition, where she stood on a surf board while they shook it, and tried to see who could stay on the longest. She actually got 2nd place and won a hat. Was forever known as “that surfing girl” until we left. Beach volleyball was moved to pool volleyball due to high winds and cooler temps. Another great way to meet your fellow travelers.

We had forgotten to get dinner reservations, so ate at Arrecife (the buffet), which was quite good. Interestingly, our friends had tried to get us reservations for the Teppanyaki at Suki, but couldn’t get them, but when 2 seats opened up, the host actually looked for us, but we had just finished eating.

Lipstick and Lingerie night was also well attended, some very sexy lingerie out there. Band was quite good (probably my favorite of our trip) with two excellent female lead singers. Disco and Hot Tub as expected.

We had the Erotic Massage, which was a bit disappointing. For those wondering about the massage, I’ll post more later, but for the cost, we felt it could have a bit more massage.

Carlos (Food and Beverage Manager, Tequila connoisseur, and Sommelier) gave a Tequila Tasting seminar in Suki, which was great. This was new (we were the 3rd group according to Carlos), so ask for it, and they’ll probably keep it going. Great to learn more about Tequila, how to drink it, what to drink it with, and what types will keep you from your typical Jose Cuervo experiences.

Uniform night (Desire 911) was hit or miss (we were kind of lazy and brought some stuff from home). Band was very good (see tomorrow’s note), great singer, lots of people up and dancing.

We traveled to Pearl to take the “Sensual Catamaran Cruise,” which was also advertised as a “Booze Cruise.” We really enjoyed it, but were a bit sad that we couldn’t actually sail due to low wind. I’ve heard that the actual “Boobs Cruise” can be a bit more crazy, but this was still fun. 7 couples (3 from RM, rest from Pearl, including a couple who had moved to Pearl the day before, so we knew them already). About an hour and a half out to go snorkeling. I’ve seen better reefs with more fish, but it was still fun (and we were nude). Our cruise-mate with more piercings had to be a bit more careful about inquisitive fish! Ride home included some body shots, etc. Overall, a great time, and I’d do it again.

Because we had friends at Pearl, we decided to stay longer. However, the couple who didn’t stay longer were surprised that the transportation home was on their tab (since transportation TO Pearl was included).

Pearl was nice, their grounds and rooms were certainly much fancier (but a bit more “blocked off” with buildings feeling more separated). Hot tub was substantially nicer, but a lot calmer. The same band that played at RM Monday played at Pearl Tuesday. Unfortunately, almost no one danced. Lots of sitting around, watching, very little activity. Felt almost more like I went to the old folks home for a concert. Stayed at the disco for a bit, but was equally as dead (smaller disco, less seating, bar stools were very unsteady and frightening to sit on, play room was TINY compared to RM). Went back to RM, got into our Nautical gear, and went to the disco, where more people were dancing after 1 than when the disco got going at Pearl.

Only changes from prior days were that we took a nice walk down the beach, took some G-rated photos for family. Also took the stand-up paddleboards out for a while, which was challenging and fun. M got drafted again into the pole dancing lesson by the pool, so we again got to be well known by a number more people.

Carlos (who did the Tequila tasting) had a wine tasting at Suki that was very good. Another new event, so ask about it to keep it going!

White theme was again very well attended, with only 2-4 couples wearing dark colors, which really stood out in the disco. Dinner show was very cool with dancers, band played Reggae, and again, lots of people up and dancing.

The dreaded departure day. Woke up, had breakfast, got our bags packed and checked out. Spent some time on the beach beds, said goodbye to our new friends, had one last jump in the pool, and headed out. Changed into our travel clothes (in the luggage storage room, as we were too lazy to go elsewhere, and we didn’t really care). USA Transfers was again prompt and courteous. Flight out was delayed (and the ground staff was constantly behind our flight time compared to the airline website). Flight was nearly empty, so got a good nap on the way home. Customs was made substantially easier by the Mobile Passport App (a trial thing that is being run out of a few airports), so we got to skip the line. It had snowed, so my first task at home was to shovel the driveway in the 0 degree temps. Oh well…back to real life!

Conclusions and comparisons:

- Entertainment staff was very good at trying to get people to participate, but often had little success. Play their games, it’s fun and you’ll meet people.
- Erotic Massage: Basically, a lot of light touching, and a lot of fondling. For her, this consisted of some very vigorous rubbing on her clitoris (and no penetration). For him, it was basically a slow hand-job. The sex felt a bit forced, and (unfortunately) didn’t last very long after the extended hand-job. We would have been a lot happier if they had started with some actual massage, loosened up the muscles a bit, and got you to relax. I probably wouldn’t do it again.
- Catamaran Cruise was a ton of fun. They should provide transportation both to AND from Pearl, but they don’t. Worth doing again.
- RM vs Pearl: For our weeks, night and day. The people are why we go to resorts like this, and RM was where it was at for us. The crowd at Pearl was overly reserved, not outgoing, not friendly (we only met the few couples that our friends introduced us to, no one came up to say hi when they weren’t there other than a couple of other people we had met at RM before they moved over). The party, the hot tub, and the Disco were all basically dead zones the day we were there. Yes, the rooms were nicer and the bathrooms bigger. Yes, the oceanfront was a lot nicer (even if you can’t have sex there). Yes, the hot tub was substantially nicer. But the people weren’t. And that does it for me.
- RM vs Hedo: Very similar crowd, different party style. Hedo’s Entertainment Coordinators (like the Playmakers) seemed to get more people involved, and there was a bit more of a party atmosphere at Hedo. Desire was a bit more sedate, but a lot classier. We’ve never had issues with single males at Hedo, and found that the couples would go out of their ways to protect each other from the 1-2 aggressive males. I’d go back to both. Probably a bit more rested after Desire, a bit more amped up after Hedo (also, Jamaican Rum vs Mexican Tequila, but that’s a personal call). Best comparison for me was that Desire was more like a wild work party, while Hedo was more like a frat party.

Travel tips:
Fill out your Mexican Immigration form ahead of time. You’ll need 1 per traveler (you will still need to fill out 1 form that needs to be done en-route, but it’s one per family/travel group).

If your home (US) airport supports it, get the Mobile Passport App, it allows you to fill out your US forms on your phone, and you get to skip the line of people waiting for the kiosks to do it there.
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Re: Desire RM Virgin Trip 1/6/18-1/11/18

Postby Mtezanos » Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:30 am

Great write up!!
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Re: Desire RM Virgin Trip 1/6/18-1/11/18

Postby ctsoftswcpl » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:37 am

Thanks for the report it was cold for us in December also
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Re: Desire RM Virgin Trip 1/6/18-1/11/18

Postby sweeta » Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:04 pm

Great write up! It was great hearing how the rest of your week went!
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