Nov 21-28 2017 - Trip #14 and counting.

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Nov 21-28 2017 - Trip #14 and counting.

Postby 2naked » Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:04 pm

It just hit me that with the busy holidays, I never got around to posting a trip report for our last stay over Thanksgiving like I always do! Well, better late than never I guess :-)

We arrived with no issues as usual. We have started filling out the immigration forms online ahead of time so we don’t have to waste time doing it there since the airlines seem to not have them anymore... at least ours hasn’t the last 2 times. Now we can get right in line. We arrived and got checked in and finally succumbed to booking a time to listen to the new membership program (which we did renew because of some great new benefits). We still had to wait for our room but we are used to that. So we got changed in the spa, went and saw René to get us a beach bed for the week, then saw Danny for some pool chairs and quickly grabbed a bit to eat. We were greeted by all our favorite bar tenders and wait staff with open arms and a hearty “welcome home”... the staff has become one of the biggest reasons why we love going to Desire RM (other than the obvious reasons of course lol). We have gotten to know them personally and look forward to catching up with them each trip.

We immediately ran into some familiar faces and not long after, we quickly fell into our normal routine.

Not much had changed since our last visit 6 mo prior except the roof was complete over the main dining room. Other than that, the facilities were pretty much the same. It was in the low-to-mid-80’s, no rain, no seaweed, and the ocean was as calm as a lake the entire week. There were several spectacular sunrises during the week too. We are always early risers (no matter how late we stay out) so we see them all. The only complaint I had was the mosquitoes were a little thirstier than normal. They always seem to like me better than her so I got about 25-30 bites during the week while she only had a few.

One milestone this trip was that we finally had sex on a beach bed one afternoon and we witnessed a few others doing the same throughout our stay.

This year we met many more people than usual from the Desire Forum/Yahoo/KIK groups we had joined and we had a great time getting to know them. We also ran into some familiar faces that we spent more time getting to know a little better as well.

As far as physical experiences, we were lucky enough to have a few this trip. We are no Ken and Barbie... well she might pass for a Barb but me and Ken would never be found in the same line-up lol. And even though we have been to c/o resorts a lot over the past 7 years, we have only recently decided to enter the LS as a soft-swap couple.

As I eluded to earlier, one couple that we had met last November was serendipitously there again and had the beach bed next to ours for their entire stay. We got along great with this couple, just as we had the first time we met, and conversation flowed just as easily as it had before. We had dinner with them a few nights and hung out at the disco some as well. We had previously had the discussion that we would be OK playing with them if asked, even though we knew that they had a few limits that we didn’t. So one evening at the disco they let us know they were going into the sin room and that we were more than welcome to join them. They left and we had a quick confirmation discussion. My wife needed to use the restroom though, so I ducked in to let the other couple know we would join them as soon as she got back, and so that they wouldn’t get too far along. I headed back out so that I wasn’t the single creepy guy in there by myself and waited on my wife. Even though we had swapped many stories and thought we knew each other’s boundaries, my wife said she wasn’t 100% sure. So as a last second decision, I turned back to quickly confirm with them so that there was no confusion. To our surprise, there were a few more limits that we had not expected. It didn’t hamper our enjoyment at all and we had a great parallel play session that included lots of hands-only touching. We all finished and said our goodbyes for the evening and we still enjoyed spending time with them before they left for home. The point of this story is that no matter what you think another couples boundaries are, get confirmation. Dont assume. If we had not done that final check, it probably would have caused a lot of confusion and awkwardness that may have even led to hurt feelings and loss of the camaraderie that we had enjoyed between the 4 of us. Thankfully we did... we had a great time... and we still have great acquaintances that we look forward to running into on future visits.

Our next encounter almost didn’t even happen and so, is another cautionary tale.

We met two couples through the KIK group that we really got along with. The 6 of us chatted throughout each day in and around the pool, had lunch together and crossed paths with each day on the beach. However, one couple, we really started clicking with and would talk a lot each evening on the dry side at the jacuzzi bar. Side note, the water is just too hot for my wife so we don’t spend much time in it... but I’d rather it be hot enough to kill all those germs instead of a luke-warm soup of infection. Anyway we enjoyed our conversations with them and had dinner with them one night. My wife and I had already had the talk and we were a green light if things started progressing. I am a boob man and she had a magnificent pair that I couldn’t stop staring at... sunglasses are a wonderful thing at Desire but I’m sure she probably noticed my infatuation on more than one occasion lol. Other than her physical beauty, she had a great personality which is usually more important that a perfect physical appearance. Overall they were our kind of normal people and we all seemed to be clicking. We had dinner together, watched the show, had drinks at the disco, went to the jacuzzi after the disco and then had some early morning tacos after having a great evening together. And then we each went to our separate rooms after confessing that we were all getting sleepy.

The next afternoon, me and the husband both revealed that we both had thought things would have progressed and we all wanted it too, but discovered we were all too shy to make the first move lol. After that revelation, we had a few more drinks in the jacuzzi and did some chocolate body shots off each other’s wives (finally getting to partake in her magnificent breasts... mmm lol). We had dinner again and went to the Disco. After a little while I asked if they would like to go to a jacuzzi bed for some soft swap play. They quickly agreed and we all went back to our rooms to disrobe and met at the jacuzzi. We found the beds to be quite moist either from dew or a light rain and decided to go back to our room. After another quick confirmation of everyone’s limits (see, we learned fast, lol) we proceeded to have a great playtime with our new friends. So the point to this story is... don’t wait or the moment might pass you by. The answer will be “no” 100% of the times that you don’t ask. Also if the answer is “no” then you can still have new friends but it frees both couples to pursue other opportunities. We were lucky this time. And even though we know this, it will be a little harder to put this one into practice as we are both shy and hate rejection. We expect to get better over time and we will enjoy learning as we go.

We are heading back over Easter and we hope to have another review that includes new friends and maybe a few more sexy experiences.
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Re: Nov 21-28 2017 - Trip #14 and counting.

Postby BG1031 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:15 pm

Thank you for the honest post. Great lesson's to be learned... I was once taught in the great game of Ice Hockey, that you will miss 100% of the shots you never take.... so shoot every now and then, you might be surprised at the outcome
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Re: Nov 21-28 2017 - Trip #14 and counting.

Postby Yeipi » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:11 pm

Great report!
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Re: Nov 21-28 2017 - Trip #14 and counting.

Postby Explorer79 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:35 am

Awesome, sounds like another great trip :L
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Re: Nov 21-28 2017 - Trip #14 and counting.

Postby Anel » Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:51 pm

Thanks for posting. My husband and I are shy and fear rejection as well lol, so this has some good pointers for us to keep in mind. (:
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Re: Nov 21-28 2017 - Trip #14 and counting.

Postby tan44 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:34 pm

2naked wrote:... don’t wait or the moment might pass you by. The answer will be “no” 100% of the times that you don’t ask.

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Re: Nov 21-28 2017 - Trip #14 and counting.

Postby JandH » Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:12 am

Thanks for the trip report. I'd write one from our November trip but its all a sexy blur for me.

Wish someone would write one from our week to maybe bring back some great memories.
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Re: Nov 21-28 2017 - Trip #14 and counting.

Postby BinaryStarWatchers » Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:48 pm

Thanks for sharing this report! We're going this year (2018) over Thanksgiving. Anything we should prep for as far as DRM's version of thanksgiving dinner, theme nights, etc?
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