Trip Report Mar. 21-26, 2018

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Trip Report Mar. 21-26, 2018

Postby ntexascouple6233 » Wed May 16, 2018 12:33 pm

Trip Report – Pearl Mar. 21-26, 2018

Summary Report: WOW!!!! Best ever.

This was our first trip to Desire. As most do, we read the Desire Forum almost every day prior to our trip and I have to say most were right on the money.

I haven’t been to Cancun in almost 30 years. The airport is beautiful and full of services. Customs and Immigration was very well organized. Make absolutely certain that you keep the Mexican Customs visitors card.

We did misstep leaving the airport to the resort. We didn’t see our name on any of the transfer vehicles and ended up taking one of the vans to Desire. The driver said that we would probably get reimbursed at Pearl for the $60 taxi fee. This proved NOT to be the case. Not really a big deal but if you are a first timer, wait for you name to appear at the “shuttle port” to avoid the extra cost.

The ride to the resort was very pleasant and took about 30 minutes or so. The driver was very pleasant and conversational.

A lot of Desire Forum folks suggest buying some liquor to keep in your room. Just speaking for us, and we’re moderate drinkers, we didn’t and found buying something for the room was not really necessary. Make your own decision, yes or no.

Arrival at Pearl was like nothing you can imagine. The front desk people are “at your service”. They are very friendly and want you to feel welcomed. That includes the bellmen also. Absolutely royal treat

The resort is absolutely beautiful, from the front desk to almost every remote corner. It is sensually elegant.

We arrived at lunchtime (noon) and after signing in we were directed to the dining room. Our bags were secured until our room was ready, around 3 PM. Just a suggestion but you may want to pack a few things in a backpack to hold you over until your room is ready.

The dining room is just off the pool. Lunches are full of variety as are the breakfasts. Eating is not a problem. There are three dining rooms. One is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Two other restaurants are open only for dinner. Food is available almost continuously from 8 AM until well after mid-night. I think room service is available 24 hours.

The rooms are very nice. Even the “cheap” rooms are very nice. All have an ocean view. The beds are very comfortable too.

Now for the good part. The pool area and hot tub areas are just like the pictures less all the naked bodies that are not included in the pictures. Every size and shape are represented. We’re a little older than the average but to our surprise there were people older than us. I would guess the average age was about 40-60 and there is nothing lovelier than a 40-60 year old sexy lady.

Almost everyone was naked at the pool, hot tub and beach bed area although a few ladies were wearing bikini bottoms. There was absolutely no pressure for anyone to be completely naked.

The pool staff was wonderful. Can’t say enough about them and what they add to everyone’s fun. Poolside chairs go quickly in the mornings. There are premium chairs that are reserved for Desire members. Word to the wise, go to poolside early and claim your chair for the day.

Open PDA (sex) was not apparent around the pool during the active pool hours (9 am-5 pm). That wasn’t the case at the hot tub area. Not always but certainly frequently, there were couples on the beds around the hot tub almost anytime of day. (The staff keeps the beds fresh and ready.) You can see it all. Blow jobs, hand jobs, 69, mutual masturbation and every sort of positions you can imagine. Very sensual watching another couple totally involved sexually with their partner, as if no one was anywhere around.

We fucked there in the middle of the afternoon while two or three other couples were doing likewise. We brought a few toys to play with also. Be advised, there is nowhere to plug in anything like a Hitachi Wand. You’ll have to save that for the room and the balcony. (Tip: bring along an extension cord if you want to play on the balcony.)

More on the hot tub later.

The beach beds are available all day for whatever you want to do but to keep a little level of decorum, it was our choice to not have sex there until later in the afternoon or evening on the beach. The beach is public and people from other resorts are free to walk the beach. The beds are about 10-15 yards off the public part of the beach. I’m sure that lots of folks walk the beach just to see the “naked people”. Naked people is one thing, naked people having sex is quite another. We saved our romp on the beach bed until about 5:30 pm. No traffic then.

(Note: The local Police do patrol the beach a couple times a day.)

Back to the Hot Tub. The hot tub area starts to fill around 4-4:30 pm. It gets crowded with people having all sorts of fun. There is plenty to see. Ladies giving their partners blow jobs at the side of the tub. Guys doing the same for their lady. Girls doing the same on other ladies. Thankfully, we did not see any couples fucking in the hot tub or pool. By this hour of the day most inhibitions have pretty much gone away. Lots of girl-girl activity goes on in the hot tub in the afternoon.

Around 6:00 PM everyone starts heading for their rooms to dress for dinner. Dinnertime is a chance for the ladies to dress up in some of the sexiest dress you’ll ever see. Some are very revealing and others are just sexy elegant. The dinners were quite good. Some were a little too garlicy and some too spicy but if you ask the waiter about the entrée they can tell the cook and he/she will adjust the dinner to your taste.

After dinner, most return to their rooms to make ready for theme night. We were there from a Wednesday through Sunday. Couples start returning to the lobby about 8:00 PM where the evening get-together begins. The outfits were amazingly sexy. Plunging necklines, see-through, shear, a few topless with pasties, it was all there. There is music and dancing and a very nice bar. This is a great time to socialize.

One complaint we did have was that the nightly entertainment started too late, 10:30 PM, for our liking. It is our opinion that entertainment should start around 9:30 PM. The shows are OK and they only last about 40 minutes. When we go back, (Notice: I didn’t say if we go back.) we will likely not attend every show. People tended to disappear immediately after the show was over.

By ending the shows earlier would, in my opinion, would entice more couples to take advantage of the “Sin Room”. We took advantage of the sin room on our first night after the show. The room accommodates about four couples (four beds). A foursome would be a bit tight but that could be fun also. There was another couple heavily engaged in the bed next to ours. I doubt they even knew that we were there.

We did fuck and had a very good time of it.

There is a second rush of people to the hot tub after the shows. This is where you will likely see almost anything you can imagine. This can go on until the wee hours of the morning.

(Note: snacks like tacos and pizza are served during the late night/early morning hours. The tacos are great.)

OK, so you’re asking yourself: What would bring you back to Desire-Pearl? Everything! The pool, the hot tub, the beautiful grounds of the resort, the people, the foam party, the staff, the sexiness of the resort and more.

Several couples we chatted with around the pool the first couple of days said: You must do the erotic massage. Neither of us is into massages. Our “friends” said: Oh no, this is nothing like any massage you’ve ever had. So, we signed up.

(Note: The erotic massage is rather pricey.)

We showed up at our assigned time, took care of some administrative items and we were escorted into the massage room. The massage tables are side by side. It kind of begins as a standard massage one would expect. After some relaxing warm up strokes the masseuses remove the blanket. We both asked for very light massaging and they accommodated our wish. After a while they roll you on your back. You’re completely naked except for a towel over your eyes. You are oiled and your entire body is slippery. Before long the lady masseuse is rubbing my semi-hard cock. I can’t see what the male masseuse is doing but I can hear my wife making sounds that are very familiar when she is feeling sexual pleasure. This is making me harder knowing that she is enjoying the pleasure.

Before too long, I can hear her making the sound of having an orgasm. I am completely hard as the lady masseuse keeps lightly stroking me. Wife has another orgasm. Without going into minute detail, she has at least two more in quick succession.

The masseuses pull our two tables together and it’s time for us to fuck. Both masseuses stay or leave, your choice. We agreed to have them stay. They assisted both my wife and I. It was just an amazing feeling.

When we were both spent they had a small Jacuzzi tub with champagne and strawberries.

This was truly one our most memorable experiences in all of our 25 years together. The Erotic Massage will absolutely be a major reason for us to return to Desire.

The one thing we didn’t do, actually, ran out of time was the photo shoot. Top of the list for our next visit.

Conclusion: That about sums up our 5 day visit to Desire Pearl. Will we see Desire again? Absolutely!!!!
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Re: Trip Report Mar. 21-26. 2018

Postby idrease » Wed May 16, 2018 1:30 pm

Great trip report!!!!!

:L :L
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Re: Trip Report Mar. 21-26, 2018

Postby nicenycpl » Thu May 17, 2018 9:10 am

great report !!!
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