April/May, 2018 - First time trip - WOW!

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April/May, 2018 - First time trip - WOW!

Postby desertcouple » Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:36 am

We are a couple in our mid fifties and it was our first time going to a clothing optional or LS resort. We had been actively seeking to spice up our marriage before the trip but when we learned about Desire it wasn't a tough decision (although very much out of our comfort zone) to go ahead and book it. We went with the attitude that we did not have to do anything we were not comfortable with including play with others, nudity, etc..

The lead up to the trip was full of great and sexy conversations with each other including expectations, limitations, and setting our boundaries. These conversations were often interrupted by wild sex with each other. Wife is a sexy full figured woman who was very nervous about fitting in with the "beautiful people". However, within hours of arrival, she was topless and having a great time hanging out at the beach which is where we spend most of our days. I only wore my swim trunks for about an hour and then said F-it and only put them back on to go to lunch. Living in the desert makes us miss the beaches so that was one of the big attractions for us to go to a beach destination. The bonus with Desire is that it is couples only and no kids!!! Major selling points for us. You don't have to be nude all the time to have a great time but you may find that you want to do this because at Desire it is "normal".

We tried the hot tub scene at 430pm and it wasn't for us - too hot and too crowded. But we did enjoy the hot tub late at night (after 11pm) and met some great people. We participated in most of the theme nights and had fun doing it. it was fun to get the outfits all together before the trip and just added to the anticipation. At the theme nights, the Desire staff was engaging and tried to get as many people involved as possible.

Overall, food quality and quantity was very good with plenty of options to choose from. We stayed a total of 5 nights and ate at the buffet two nights, Sahlo two nights, and Suki one night. Late night pizza at the lobby bar is a MUST and you will be up past midnight to try it and yes you will be hungry then due to all of the "activities" of the day & evening!

Some tips that we picked up from other posts that proved helpful during our stay - took Vitamin C two weeks prior and during our trip to boost our immune system, brought Pepto Bismal tabs which ended up being used for one morning to quickly eradicate a mild case of Montezuma's revenge , bug spray to combat the "no-see-ums" at the beach, and you need sunscreen SPF 50 or higher. Just make sure you use lotion on the sensitive body parts - no sprays. Also bringing some extra hangers for the room proved useful.

Was able to check off the bucket list item of "sex on the beach" comfortably and spontaneously while getting 2 other couples on either side of us also "in the mood". Never experienced anything like this before but damn it was hot.

Met a lot of great people who were friendly and made us feel welcome. We especially connected (not sexually) with the folks staying in our building in the adjacent rooms. We'd talk outside on the balcony for hours while listening to the waves crash in the background and it was an awesome time.

This trip was also overlapping my wife's 55th birthday so we planned a special dinner at Sahlo that night followed by the "seductive and exciting" stripper show in our room. So at 10pm we are sitting on the balcony taking to our new friends and up walks this incredible woman with her suitcase full of surprises to our door. So we excuse ourselves from the conversation and went in to have one hell of a night. And, in case you are wondering, with the correct gratuity anything is possible.

The staff at Desire puts most of the service industry in the USA to shame. They bust their butts for you and seem to actually enjoy doing it. So please don't be cheap and even though tipping is not required it is highly recommended to throw them a few extra bucks when you can. It goes a long way and they will show their appreciation.

Now here is the most interesting part - once you leave Desire, you will immediately start thinking of when you can return. it's a real budget buster but WTF you only live once. So here we are going to celebrate NYE 2019 at Desire RM. See you there.
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Re: April/May, 2018 - First time trip - WOW!

Postby JandH » Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:26 am

Great report. Thank you for posting.
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