Our first time at RM - June 2018

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Our first time at RM - June 2018

Postby 2nddegree » Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:38 am

This was our first time to Desire Rivera Maya. We have been married 40 years and a clothing optional resort has been on our bucket list for quite a while.

First I will address the sales pitch. They made an appointment for us upon check in and we had no idea what this appointment was for so didn’t think much about it until people later explained it to us. We called and cancelled our appointment and on the day of the appointment the sales person found us and told us we were rude because someone came in from Cancun to meet with us. We told him we were not rude we cancelled ahead of time and had no Desire (pun intended) to purchase anything over a vacation holiday. They never bothered us again but we did not like being called rude.

Flight, check in, all were easy and everyone was super friendly, but the brochure they wrote everything on was a bit confusing at first. We are not big planners when we go on vacation, we like to wake up when we are ready and figure out what we want to do in the morning, then the afternoon and then the evening (although we did dress and make it to EVERY Theme Night). By not being planners this means is that we never made it to any of the 3 restaurants that require a reservation and were stuck eating at the same place each night. Never could figure out why you go to a clothing optional place and take more clothes than you would for a 3 week European vacation or why you go to the beach and have to dress Elegantly to get into a restaurant in your ALL INCLUSIVE package so that part was also a waste for us. Most of the Dress Elegant/Sensual restaurants were never that busy so we just didn’t get that “reservations required” part of it.

The beach - Yes the Seaweed was bad, yes they cleaned it each morning - we were oceanfront so we saw about 20 bags of seaweed picked up each day - the only problem is there are about 300 that needed to be pick up each day but hey this seaweed is a product of nature and harbors an abundant sea life and the benefits for our earth far outweigh our need for seaweed free beaches. We live on the Gulf of Mexico and are not new to this and understand the benefits it provides for the earth and marine life.
Beach Bartenders were SUPER and FRIENDLY and can tell you some great “First Day of Work at Desire” stories. We laughed nonstop over this. Very entertaining.
The beach beds - OH MY the things you can do out at the beach with the waves lapping and the stars shining, very sexy and very erotic. This is one of the few places where there is no music so bring your own speakers and listen to YOUR music when down here.

Speaking of music - This place is supposed to be sensual but I must say after listening to Disco Music all day at the pool and hot tub you get a little tired of it (actually a LOT tired of it). But no, when you go to theme night is is more of the same. I just wished they would have added a little bit of some Caribbean/Sensual music in between the beats for all of us Lovers out there to get close to and rub upon each other while dancing but they just went from one thumping song to the next and often could not even tell when one ended and another began. Oh well even paradise has drawbacks right?

The drinks were good, fast and plentiful and the bartenders, waiters and staff are the nicest, busiest people I have ever seen. Kudo’s to all of them (too many to name by name).

The playmakers were good and have a good sense of humor and keep everyone they can involved but sometimes the music was such that you could not hear them so you missed some of what was going on - but heck it was fun anyway. We truly loved loved loved the foam party at the pool. That was a blast!

The Hot Tub - oh my goodness!!!! It is everything you have read about on this forum and more. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would do anything in front of anyone but that went right out the window. For some reason this place makes you lose a lot of your inhibitions. We saw everything from sex on the beds to a couple of ladies pleasuring in the tub, to drinks off the body while on the bar to you name it we saw it. Like watching live porn. Very fun. Don’t miss this experience.
Getting Naked in front of people. When we first got there I saw people in swim suits and a few with no bikini tops and decided I would NOT be going naked. That lasted about 3 hours! By day 2 it felt completely normal to walk around naked and in fact went to Cancun for the day to go shopping and was so uncomfortable with clothes on we could not wait to get back and shed them. At first was self conscious about my body and my age, but you forget about that very quickly when you realize there are no perfect bodies and no two are alike and none one cares.

The sin room - Went to Disco to dance after several drinks at Theme night (feeling no pain) decided to go to the sin room and check it out. Stayed a while and indulged ourselves. I know the room key they give you has seduction tips on the back and one is Moan and make noise so your partner gets more into it. But after a lifetime of sex some of the fake orgasms noises don’t help they hinder. Word of advise - don’t take the moaning and fake climax’s so far that it is obvious it’s fake. We had to stop doing our thing and take a few drinks from our drink cup to chuckle about this and then get busy again. I will say however that the sin room is very exciting and lot’s of fun. Another don’t miss this experience suggestion.

The days flew by, we were never bored, tried everything (except other people) and had a great time. Our last day we saw baby Crocodiles hatching which was pretty cool, saw Mama Croc hanging around with mouth wide open - we thought it was fake - so glad we did not try to stick our hand in it’s mouth for a photo as it was REAL and could have been disastrous.

Will we go again - perhaps or we may try Hedonism and get a little more risqué this time. We did make some friends and have plans to meet with them for drinks and to re tell stories.

Would I recommend? Yes in fact we have decided to let our grown children know about this place as it would be refreshing for them and their marriages. This place takes you out of any rut you may be in and re connects you as a couple, I would say every married couple should try it at least once.
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Re: Our first time at RM - June 2018

Postby Powderfinger » Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:50 pm

Nice review. As far as the restaurants and reservations, we hate having to make reservations too, we're on vacation and don't want to be on a schedule. Should you return, be aware that it never hurts to go in and see if they can accommodate you, they're very good at trying to. If they're not full we're batting nearly 1.000 in getting a table without reservations. You just need to have a pair of long pants for him, linen works fine down there.
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Re: Our first time at RM - June 2018

Postby desireaddict » Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:31 pm

Yes in fact we have decided to let our grown children know about this place as it would be refreshing for them and their marriages. This place takes you out of any rut you may be in and re connects you as a couple, I would say every married couple should try it at least once.

Now THAT is about the coolest thing I've ever read.
We too have adult, married children but never considered letting them in on our "secret" vacation place (we tell them we bought into Temptation Resort and they can go there). Just kinda thought they should "stumble" upon Desire by themselves. One of our sons & DIL did come home with the story that they stayed in PM and walked by this "naked place". I just said that I can't believe anything like that goes on in Mexico. (Too Catholic), but I did wonder if he had seen our computer history as I no longer care about erasing Desire from it.

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