First time at Desire Dec 1-5, 2018

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First time at Desire Dec 1-5, 2018

Postby in4malcpl » Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:23 pm

We just came back from our first trip to DRM. Since we found the trip reports very useful, I want to contribute ours too.

First some context. We are mid-40s, and relatively new to the lifestyle, and had only gone to swingers clubs before. We had been to several topless beaches, but never been to a clothing-optional resort. Although my wife goes topless every time she can, she wasn’t sure about being naked. This trip was to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Before the trip my wife was both excited and looking forward to it. She also was a bit apprehensive about how it was going to be, wondering if the sexual/swinging part of the experience was going to be something persistent that would be hard to escape, because we wanted that to be limited to the nights.

We used USA Transfers. By far, this is the best transfer experience we’ve had in Mexico and the rest of the Caribbean. I highly recommend it.

We got to the resort and checked in. During the check-in process, the part when they explain the different amenities in the hotel included signing us up for attending a talk about the membership. Since it was going to be one day at 9am during breakfast where we were going to have breakfast anyway, we accepted. Well, we didn’t know we would be partying every single day until 3:30am. When that day came, we really didn’t want to wake up for that, so I just stopped by the front desk after eating something at 3:30am at the lobby bar (you should do that!) and told them I didn’t want to be woken up for that and that I didn’t want to reschedule. They understood.

After checking in, we went to have lunch. We sat at a table with view to the pool bar and the beach, and immediately saw that many were naked. I’d say almost everyone was naked inside the pool, and when laying on a lounger or bed. Most women are at least topless at all times, and some men and women wear trunks or bikini bottoms when walking around. Now, this is important: no one cares about what you wear or don’t.

After lunch we went to the beach and got a couple of loungers. My wife took her bikini top off right away. Then it took her all of 2 minutes to get naked. I did too.

At about 5pm, we noticed that there were very few people left at the beach and the pool. Having read several trip reports here, I knew that probably everyone had gone to the jacuzzi and I told my wife. Even though I’m sure that the idea of getting into a jacuzzi with a bunch of naked strangers was outside of her comfort zone, my wife surprised me when she suggested we went there to have a drink. Well, I’m glad we did, because we met another first-time couple (identifiable by the yellow wrist band). They were so nice! To make a long story short, we became friends, we played with them almost every night, and they have already invited us to visit them in the summer. They live a 5-hour drive away from us.

The rest of this report is not going to be day by day or detailed in anyway, but just overall observations.

The staff at the resort is amazing. They go out of their way to make your stay be the best possible. They’ve done so many nice things for us that I won’t even start to enumerate them. It’s the best service we’ve ever had.

Most of the guests were very friendly. We met many people because it is so easy to just strike up a conversation. I guess it is the atmosphere or the mindset of the people going to this resort, but this is so different to what happens in a vanilla resort, where each couple is doing its own thing and not interacting with the rest.

We like dressing up when we go out for dinner on vacation, and it is always a disappointment when we see that many other people dress like if they were going to Walmart. Desire was completely different and we loved it. Everyone was dressed up for dinner, even at the buffet restaurant, which has the simplest dress code. I bought one sexy dress for each night for my wife. She would’ve been overdressed in a vanilla resort, but at Desire it was perfect because everyone was wearing sexy elegant outfits.

The show and the party at the disco were always fun. Overall, we’ve never had so much fun in a resort.

Everyone was very respectful, and so nice. We never felt pressured to do anything that was out of our comfort zone.

To conclude, we both loved the experience, are glad that we went and had a blast. Although with kids it’s hard to tell when we’ll be able to do it again, I’m sure we will return.
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Re: First time at Desire Dec 1-5, 2018

Postby tj48 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:11 pm

Awesome report thank you, it helps ease our first time nerves.
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