Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

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Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

Postby Yahtzee! » Thu May 02, 2019 10:39 am

Finally catching up with "normal" life so here's a report about our first time at Desire Riviera Maya.
sorry about the odd timeline of my story, but I have been adding random memories to the report for a couple of days.

I'll start by saying that we kind of knew what to expect.
Some of the trip reports on this forum are very useful too.
but no matter how much reading you do, you cannot understand what Desire really is until you experience it.

My wife and I are new at this "game", we started talking about the lifestyle idea only few months ago, please keep that in mind while reading our report.

I think we left for Desire with the perfect mind set for it:

"it's a sensual naked vacation just for the 2 of us, let's not make any plans about what could or could not happen with other people, let's just see where things go".
Harder than it sounds cause at the end we all have few fantasies and inevitably, few expectations. we learned quick that talking about everything is key, before, during and after.
Take things slowly and make sure everybody is comfortable at that pace and you'll have soooo much fun!!

The group chat has been extremely helpful for us. Some new friends answered all of our questions and gave us plenty of good advice.
That was a great start, even before the trip we felt like we were part of the family.
We even met few times with a lovely couple who lives in our area, they have been at DRM several times and had some great stories to share with us.
it was a perfect way to "warm up" for the trip. Thank you again M & C :)

We were ready for this adventure!
Lots and lots of packing my wife and I really wanted to participate to most of the theme nights....we were good to go.

2 full size suitcases and a large carry on and we take off on Tuesday am the 16th of April.
Flight was pleasant, and going thru customs at Cancun was a breeze... (US TSA could learn something from these guys on how to treat people politely).

As soon as we exit the airport, we find our driver, (we have used Aventour) company booked directly thru Desire website. A little more pricey than other companies but the quality was outstanding.
Private Limo, several drinks to choose from and a friendly and knowledgeable driver.

15-20 minutes later and here we are, pulling into the bridge in front of Desire. we are both very excited, but honestly not as nervous as we expected.

We are greeted with a glass of champagne and we go thru the check in process pretty quickly. we get our newbie Yellow bracelets.
then we get moved by a second desk where one of the sales agents try to convince us to attend the presentation.
we knew this was coming and we knew we were not going to attend the sale pitch, at least not on our first time there.

Agent tried really hard, and after we say NO several times, her attitude changes completely and she's no longer interested in showing us around the resort.
this was really the only time we did not feel too welcome.
I understand it is your job, but people arriving from a long flight and ready to enjoy some relax and fun after paying 4-5K$ do not want to deal with this kind of "harassment"
No biggie, at this time we are too happy to get mad about this.

Room is not ready which is understandable since it's only 11:30 am after the check in, thanks to out group chat, we knew we could leave our carry on by the spa and get changed for some pool time.

Time to get this party started now! even if late morning, Renee find us a bed by the pool, now we know we found one available because Tuesday was definitely the slowest day of the week.
Many people leaving on Tuesday, Lot of new people arriving on Wed and Thur.
we grab a glass of champagne and finally sit down and start to peek around. Vibe by the pool is great, lot of sexy and smiling couples. Majority of the crowd doesn't wear any clothing.
it took us probably 3 to 5 minutes to lose all of our clothes and jump in the pool naked. what a feeling...

something is so liberating about being nude most of the day, we found out it tends to become addicting...

All the stories you have heard about people being nice, friendly and accepting.....well it is all true!
Even people you have never met before, will at least smile at you.
Totally different attitude compared to the vanilla resorts where most people act snobby.

First Lunch at buffet was not the greatest (only that day really, the rest of the week the food was good, sometimes great).
After lunch we have a couple of margaritas in the pool and meet a couple of friends we have been chatting with online for few weeks (J & M), they have just arrived at Desire too.
we spend most of the afternoon with them in the pool laughing and drinking.

We are already having such a good time, that we don't even bother go asking if the room is ready until 4-5pm.

Score! we get one of the best rooms in the house, just a Garden Deluxe, but it's right by the pool (where we would spend most of the days),
We loved to be in the Hot Tub building, the ground floor was quiet enough and "the party" only few steps away!

Before we check out the infamous Hot Tub Lounge we try to nap....LOL impossible, too much excitement...
Hot Tub was pretty quiet around 5-6 pm, again, Tuesday was definitely the slowest day, but we still get to see for the first time a bit of action.

some couples flirting and kissing in the the tub, few people at the bar, and only 1 couple in the beds, that was the first live sex we see at the Desire...not shocking at all honestly, actually very enjoyable.
Something is so hot about a couple having passionate sex like nobody is watching, or maybe like many are watching....hehe, either way, it's just so natural and beautiful in that situation.

We knew that one of the following evenings we would have tried those beds too :)
But that first night we did not really "play" in public.

around 8 pm we go shower and then dinner, just something quick at the buffet as we are not very hungry.

First night was "Red Carpet Affair", the only night we didn't dress up for, and probably was a good thing we didn't.
After dinner we have the bad idea of drinking "a couple more" and that was it...that sent us to bed around 11 pm.
yeah yeah we chickened out, but the night before we barely had any sleep and we wanted to be in top shape for the next full day of Desire!

Wednesday 17th:
if you have ever been at this resort you know....the first morning you wake up at Desire, it's just the happiest morning, a whole 6 days in front of you to enjoy.
We learn quick that is a good idea to go get a bed by the pool before 9 am, especially if you want a comfy full size bed or a shaded spot.
Tips go a long way in this place and the workers really appreciate them and they will always try to accommodate your requests.

True what we have read about the routine that goes on at Desire.
Days are sort of similar to each others but totally different at the same time.
you can make any day as exciting as you want it to be. (it's a little harder to make it a relaxed day if it's your first time lol).

Our typical day was, wake up around 8-8:30, crawl outside like a dehydrated vampire in the sun and reserve a bed by the pool, cappuccino by the lobby bar (good stuff),
breakfast (often the best meal at the buffet), then morning swim in the pool before water gets too warm.

After that, every morning we took a naked walked down the beach and go say hi to some of our friends that normally spend the day by the ocean
(beach is definitely more relaxing than pool area if you like peace and quiet).

Back to the pool, Mimosa or Strawberry daiquiri, and then lunch at the buffet. some of the lunches have been really impressive.
especially the outside grilling: tacos, burgers and some incredible shrimps and king crab claws.

Fake afternoon nap, cause we really can't sleep at all during the day...and then around 4 pm, it's happy hr at the Hot Tub lounge upstairs.
From Wednesday we saw much more action up there, people started to get more involved in the games around and inside the tub. (wife and myself included).

We learned about the Duck game and how you should pick them up only if you are ready for some serious action :D
That was indeed a great way to break the ice.
Mostly innocent to soft "play" in the hot tub, lot of flirting, kissing and touching going on,

it was a perfect situation for beginners like us that want to start exploring physical contact with other people at a slower pace.
the beds around the tub were now rocking! We enjoy some very sexy shows while sipping Vodka Tonic from the edge of the tub.

Drinks are usually pretty good but we have noticed they change a lot during the day and depending on the bar.
In the morning and afternoon, they go very light on alcohol, but if you want more, just ask and they'll make it as strong as you want it.

Even in this instance, tips do make a huge difference. we've been very generous with tips during our stay and we have been treated like stars by the personnel.
by the 3rd day, most bar tenders would start preparing our drink of choice before we would even reach the bar....again..made us feel at home :)

The Hot tub was now part of our evening routine! best way to get some serious appetite before dinner!
Back to room around 7:30-8:00 pm, maybe spend a half hr on our porch outside chatting with some of our favorite people, (Sexy E and R).

Shower, and then we put on some clothes for dinner....ugh..pants and shoes now feel horrible after spending all day "natural".
Underwear is no longer an option even in the evening!

Dinner was always pretty good, majority of the times we went to the buffet, we like variety and to be able to try several different dishes at once.
We don't like to sit around much and the weather in the evenings was so nice, that we tried to spend the most of our time outdoor.

Well guess what, it's time to change again, one of our favorite part of the day...the theme night.
For work reasons, my wife and I almost never get to spend Halloween together, Desire was the perfect time to catch up playing dress up!
and we loved every minute of it.

Glow night, Gods and Goddesses, Latin Fever, Desireland, and Sexy Bunnies on our last night (was supposed to be a masquerade but many people opted for easter bunnies)

so much fun! a good amount of couples dress up in theme for the nights, we wished even more people would participate to this.
It brings a totally different and sexy vibe to the evening parties. don't be afraid to embarrass yourselves men and dress up!

I had a couple of nights where I was afraid to look silly with the clothing my wife picked for me,
then you step out of your room and see someone else waaaay more ridiculous...(the half naked Egyptian pharaohs strippers, just to name two LOL.... T & B).

We always enjoy the evening shows by the lobby, high quality performers.
Few good live bands too, our favorite was the band playing disco songs.

Play-makers are adorable and sexy, we both had some fun dancing with them before the disco on several nights.
Yuni and Kevin are always so friendly and full of energy, their positive attitude is contagious.

Disco attendance changes a lot between nights, sometimes really packed and sometimes a little too quiet.
The guests definitely make a huge difference.
There is no play makers by the Hot tub or the Disco, and that is why the vibe around these places can change so much depending on the crowd.

the Sin Room! obviously we have to check that out too. same as the disco, it can be very crowded or basically empty depending on the time or the night.

After or during the disco, some couples go back to the hot tub. it is at night where we saw most of the action up there.
we loved to close the days with another dip in the hot water, some sexy time on the beds by the tub, and then enjoy a pizza or a BLT at the lobby bar with some of our friends.

Very enjoyable time for us, you just had an intense day, had lot of sex, have a bit of sun burn, plenty of swimming, talking, dancing, drinking and now it's late night,
everything around gets quiet and you sit there, super relaxed, enjoying the ocean breeze and re-living the many memories of the crazy day you two just had.

Now some sex, let's talk about the sex in the allowed public places: WE LOVED IT!!

We started with an easy one...the Beach. we are not usually the very "romantic" couple, but that was magical!
moon was almost full, reflection on the ocean, the sound of waves crashing. just perfect!
no crowd here beside a couple of security guards walking by.

The Sin room was on the following night, we agreed it's time to have sex around other people, after getting warmed up on the dance floor we enter the sin room,
we see 2 of our good friends getting really busy on the beds, very hot scene, we both wanted to lay next to them and join the fun, but the crowd that is just standing there watching is a big turn off.

Seriously people, come on! one couple getting busy and 8-10 people just standing next to the bed, fully clothed and just watching and talking.
it was just weird and a bit rude in our opinion. we decide to leave but we don't give up. we come back about 1 hr later and now no more "creepers" around lol.

Now just other 2 couples enjoying each others, we feel very comfortable at this point, and pick a spot toward the end of the room.
No matter where you decide to lay down, you will be able to watch others and be watched at the same time in this room.
Obviously it's not just a visual experience, the atmosphere, the sounds of people getting pleased, it all adds up to a very naughty and sensual vibe.

we have read some complaints about the Sin-room not being as good as it used to be, but we both honestly liked it.
just the right amount of light, comfy mattresses and cooler AC temperature (yeah it's needed, it does get HOT in there hehe).

And then the beds by the Hot tub, this has probably been our favorite location and experience.
we have used these beds twice late at night after the disco, but our very last night at Desire was just outstanding.

We meet this lovely couple during the happy hr and we chat for a long while with them before dinner,
after dinner, the show and the disco, we find them again in the Hot tub, not many people around now.

The few couples that are in the tub (including us) are all getting busy...lot of making out, touching and some oral play on the edge of the tub.
my wife and I decide to move to one of the beds and we're smiling when we see that our friends are following...they lay next to us and we all start enjoying the moment.

Such an amazing time, we were all extremely turned on and we were feeding on each others pleasures and Desires (pun intended).
all 4 of us really into it, everything very sexy, sensual and slow...the 2 girls looking at each others in the eyes during the moments of max pleasure.

This was topped by a 4 way orgasm (can I call it that?). I guess it was the excitement of the moment, or just incredible timing, but we basically all 4 finish just wow.
thanks again A & J to make our last night even more memorable.

I know I know, this is a very "vanilla" story for Desire's standards, but all 4 of us agreed that it was one of the hottest things we have ever experienced.
we realized that you don't necessarily need to swap in order to enjoy other people's company in bed :)

We have learned later that this is called "parallel sex". (Thanks Professor)

These obviously are just few of the many sexy situations experienced at Desire...there is so much more.... just too much to describe after 6-7 days in this corner of paradise.

Desire is everything we expected and more.
If you have a solid relationship, you will both grow from this experience and you'll be even closer as a couple once the trip is over.
I see why so many people go back....we know we will..


You want wild group sex? you can find that,

You just want to party and drink like teenagers and keep clothes on, go for it, there will be others!

You want relaxation and peace, you can get a bed by end of the beach and you don't even have to talk to people if you don't want to.

We have met some of the kindest, most genuine and happiest couples at Desire.
Now we have a large group of sexy friends that we can't wait to see again. (pretty sure Desire will remember for a while the Mid Apr 19 group)!!

Crazy that, even after the vacation has been over for a while, we are still talking to our "new like minded family" on a daily basis.

If you have really reached this, sorry, that was a lot to read. I'd have so much more to say but i'll save some for next trip.

Please feel free to ask us anything about our first Desire experience!

Thanks for reading! :)
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Re: Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

Postby MachineWorks » Thu May 02, 2019 12:26 pm

Good report sir!

Love reading the little details.

April was definitely an awesome month, and both the Mrs and I are glad to have met you guys!
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Re: Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

Postby Texzuelano » Thu May 02, 2019 4:19 pm

:L Nice report. I'm looking forward to your 2020 comparison.
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Re: Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

Postby klak » Thu May 02, 2019 7:14 pm

Thank you for the great report. I miss more people doing them. Yours was excellent.
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Re: Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

Postby tan44 » Thu May 02, 2019 9:13 pm

Wow ! Excellent newbies trip report.
We loved the parallel sex part.
Thank you
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Re: Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

Postby dinkswithkinks » Tue May 07, 2019 10:49 pm

Loved hanging with you awesome duo!
Hopefully we'll see you again next year, same bat time, same bat channel!
Love DWK
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Re: Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

Postby funandwitty » Thu May 09, 2019 6:45 pm

Fantastic Report! We missed meeting you both but I am sure we will run into each other someday! We loved our first trip and it was the people who made it special. I would highly recommend the forums and group chat before going. It was nice for us to have a few familiar faces to say hello to. But we also met people there who we didn't chat with who were equally as friendly and lovely. What a place! Being Newbies ourselves, it was a few days of many firsts!
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Re: Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

Postby KyCouple » Thu May 09, 2019 10:59 pm

Awesome trip report! We knew you would love DRM. Here's to hoping your trips get better and better. BTW, I just learned the term 'parallel sex' myself. :)

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Re: Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

Postby Bareman » Sun May 12, 2019 6:33 pm

What's the duck game? We have been to Desire twice and never heard about it.
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Re: Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

Postby texascouple1208 » Mon May 13, 2019 9:36 am

Bareman wrote:What's the duck game? We have been to Desire twice and never heard about it.

Sometimes guests bring floating rubber ducks or ping pong balls labeled with suggestions for intimate acts and toss them in the pool or jacuzzi. At least I think that is what they are referring to.
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Re: Newbies to Desire, Newbies to the LS 16-22 Apr 2019

Postby LAKELIFE4US » Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:07 pm

This was an amazing description and greatly helped with our decision. My wife really loved your explanations and is now much less nervous about booking a trip.
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