"Group"On - tripping with a group - a first time experience

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"Group"On - tripping with a group - a first time experience

Postby diamondheaded » Wed May 15, 2013 12:09 pm

“Group” On

I’m going to do a trip report on “going with a group” to Desire RM. This is a first for me as far as trip reports go as all of our previous trips to Mexican resorts have been made sans an established group. As most well know, groups are a common occurrence at Desire RM and these groups range from mild to wild and this should be taken into consideration before booking with a group.

The group we went with is called the “Ynots”. It is an established group that has an amazing reputation with the resort and all of the staff. This was obviously a huge plus as we were all treated very well and better than we were when we traveled alone to Desire RM. My assumption would be that approximately 70 percent of the “Ynots” are active in some stage of the “lifestyle” as most would define that term. I’ve got pretty decent “swingdar” and usually get it right lol. However, this group was not a “swinger nazi” type group……you know what I am talking about here right?

I am sure that there are groups that take over the resort that could be defined as “swinger nazi” or at least “swinger nazi friendly” and this should always be taken into consideration before selecting a group to travel with. If you are a “swinger nazi” then you might not be as comfortable with a group such as the Ynots as they seem to understand it is entirely possible to have relationships that are not exclusively sexual in nature.

Regardless of your group preference type, it would benefit those considering traveling with a group, to do some research and find a group to travel with that best suits them…..if that means joining a “swinger nazi” or “swinger nazi friendly” group that focuses their entire vacation on banging everyone at the resort that week……..or a group like the Ynots that are capable of having conversations unrelated to banging everyone at the resort. The reality is you and you alone are spending your hard earned money or your vacation so if you are planning to join a group, then take a little bit of time, do some research and find a group that is compatible with your “lifestyle”

Char travel handled the travel and booking arrangements for this group directly with Desire and boy let me tell you does she ever handle them. She is a super hero and is capable of stopping meteorites and rescuing people from tornadoes, earthquakes and every other natural and man made disaster. I honestly have never seen anything like her – she can do everything from teaching pole dancing lessons to changing entertainment schedules to ordering your drinks and making sure you get checked in. It all just seems to come so natural for her. All week long I joked around with the group we were hanging out with that I never wanted char to be out of my eye sight as this woman is capable of producing miracles with the blink of an eye. We have traveled all over and I have never seen any travel agent more dedicated to making sure all is well with everyone.

Again, when you’re spending your hard earned money and you are on vacation it’s nice to have someone looking out for your best interest. I would be hard pressed to find any other person on god’s green earth that could handle things the way she does - if you go to desire with a group – make triple sure you book with one that Char is handling.

On a side note - If something ever happens to t – I am moving in with her and Jim so she can take care of me lol

Back to the trip report shall we?

I am going to eliminate the travel details for the most part as all went very well (see Char here) and stay with the intent of the report which is about “going with a group”

We arrived at the resort checked into our room and immediately went up to the hot tub and it was party on. Everyone was very friendly and in some cases too friendly, but that was fine and expected as we have been to desire before (on our own though) and are well aware of all that goes on. While we are not a lifestyle couple per se’ we are not a vanilla couple either – not even going to try and explain here other than to just say we are not defined by labels and enjoy life on our own terms which are not easily defined with a label, but if I had to pick a label – I would create our own and just call us “ambiguously open minded” We fit in well with the Ynots group as I would define several other couples there as “ambiguously open minded”

The week was lovely and I will not spill all the details here as there are innocents to protect and guilty that wish to remain innocent and I have been known to say too much in these matters so I will just say it was a lovely Desire week as most would assume.

Again, back to things related to the group

The Ynots host couples were far more inclusive than we expected. They were always very nice and were on a first name basis with each of them from day one. I am not sure this is the case with all groups but was certainly the case with this group. If you ever decide to go with a group, before you go…be sure and look into the group hosts and make sure these are people who will actually host and not expect you to serve them. These hosts were awesome and I’m relatively certain the hosts play a huge part in making a group trip to Desire a success. So get to know them before you book, talk to them prior to your trip and spend some time with them during your stay.

Again, I am not going to go into a lot of detail with all the events of each day as that is not what this trip report is about. instead I am going to break it down and just give a pros/cons observation which reflects both mine and t’s view about our group experience as it relates to our previous experience traveling to desire on our own – again this is our opinion only and those of you who know me know that I do not bs or kiss ass. I am brutally honest on my trip reports. Always have been – always will be

    The one thing I love about groups at desire is that when you book with a group – you are there with that group the entire trip so you get a chance to know more people and develop relationships. If you go without a group, then you see transition almost every day. For example, if you arrive non group on a Friday and start hanging out with some cool people….many times you find out that they are leaving the next day…….or you have been there for five days and meet some great people and then you have to leave. It’s a crap shoot when you travel non group. If you go with a group then you get a chance to know people better as you are there with them all week long.

    Groups tend to have more say so in the activities and conduct at the resort as well. On our first trip non group – we noticed a little bit of a stuffy atmosphere. Long pants were required at the specialty restaurants, more clothing was required in the disco lol. Entertainment activities were limited and theme night participation was hit or miss.

    Groups afford much more flexibility and in some ways can create a completely different experience. With this group it was much more laid back and not as uptight as it was when we went on our own, and this was a major plus for us – a desire experience we could never have received without going with a group as groups can rewrite a few rules and add some awesome “extras” during their stay.
    I am not sure if this is the case with all groups but groups that are well organized such as the Ynots stage several awesome extras over the course of the week. Here is just a small sampling of the events held by the group or opportunities afforded by the group that week (events that the resort would never have non group weeks)

    Char :) Olympics in the pool
    Special extra group specific themes every night
    Amazing desire race
    Meet and Greet
    Toy Swap
    Special boobze cruise excursion
    Private Ynot Group site – chances to get to know all those going that week

    Also, another huge benefit of groups is that oftentimes when you can’t book directly with Desire you can contact travel agents like Char directly and they can get you a room with a group. Many of the people we met at Desire on this trip were people who fit into this category.
    I know I said this was a plus put it can also be a negative. When you go with a group there is not much changeover in people so on the one hand it’s a good thing but on the other it can kind of create a “ground hog day” effect – remember the movie ground hog day with bill murray? By Thursday of our week long trip this seemed to be the case so we moved away from the swimming pool and opted for the beach and then we did a boobze cruise on Friday and would highly recommend a boobze cruise or off facility excursion to break up that “ground hog day” effect.

    Many of the more established “groupies” for lack of a better term have well established long term relationships and while everyone is nice and considerate it can be a little bit intimidating to see a large number of people whom already have these bonds. Nevertheless, there were still a large number of people that were a part of the group that were first timers like us and all seemed to fit in fairly well for the most part, but it can be an issue especially if you are not that social adept or pick a group that is not as friendly as the Ynots.

    Obviously If you are not an outgoing couple chances are a group will provide you no social benefits. In other words don’t expect well established friends to come knocking on your door each morning to ask you to join them for breakfast unless you are willing to mingle and get to know people better………and a great opportunity to achieve this is participating in group events and group excursions.

    The hot tub scene with this group (other than night one) was far more tame than our previous trip alone and this was somewhat of a disappointment but I am not sure if it was the group or not But the point is – if there are certain things you like more than others – check with group hosts or members and ask them questions about the group and the things they like.

    For us the playroom is not a factor and this was the case for the vast majority of the Ynots group – but I am sure that for some groups it is an important part of their visit (like the hot tub is/was for us) so look into what the group is like and don’t be afraid to ask questions

So would we go with a group again? I am sure we will I think it is an excellent option for those interested in meeting like minded couples. Just make sure you find a group that fits your lifestyle and participate in the group activities and you will find a desire experience unlike any other :)

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Re: "Group"On - tripping with a group - a first time experie

Postby Beachside » Thu May 16, 2013 10:32 pm

:L Thanks for the review diamondheaded, I have seen your posts for years (TTR) and you can always be counted on to give the whole story. Nice review!
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Re: "Group"On - tripping with a group - a first time experie

Postby Miacpl30 » Mon May 27, 2013 10:00 am

This makes us look forward to labor day with YNots. It will be our first group trip. 3 rd overall to RM.
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Re: "Group"On - tripping with a group - a first time experie

Postby RayParis6 » Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:37 pm

How do we find a list of groups?
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Re: "Group"On - tripping with a group - a first time experie

Postby CokeMann » Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:45 pm

RayParis6 wrote:How do we find a list of groups?

There is no particular list, however when groups inform us that they will be be at either of the Desire properties we list them and their contact info on the forums Master Groups Calendar
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