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Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:15 pm
by poshandbecks
We planned our trip to Desire RM in February 2015 and we spoke about it for months. All of a sudden we were there, at Desire, then it was over. Our time came and went so quickly but we are planning trip no.2 for 2016.

This is a long but honest report, from two first timers, attending anything of this kind and I hope you enjoy reading it and that it helps other first timers who may feel the same way.

I will start at the beginning:

My man was celebrating his 60th Birthday and has always wanted to go to Mexico and do something different. We have been together for 14 years and we have a long distance relationship with a two hour flight between us. It is a honeymoon period whenever we meet and we keep our relationship fresh by finding ways to surprise each other. With this in mind, my man approached me with the idea of going to Mexico for 16 nights to a wonderful hotel in Playa Mujures but 'popping' out for 3 nights to stay at a resort called Desire RM. He emphasised the 'sexy fancy dress disco evenings' as he knows I love dressing up, so he had my full attention straight away. He then told me, over a glass of champagne, that Desire was a Clothing Optional resort but re-assured me it was totally up to me whether I wanted to take my bathing suit off or not. The idea of getting naked in front of other people filled me with dread. I searched the hotel website and realised there was more to Desire then just sexy disco and CO but I agreed to give it a go and the next thing I know, we were booking our 3 nights at Desire RM.

We found the Forum online and like all newbies, spent hours reading everything we could. The Forum is informative, especially the trip reports, newbie questions and general information but, at the same time, as our holiday drew near, I became nervous and apprehensive by some of the things I was reading. I am 53 years old and I do not have the slender figure of my youth with a perfect tight tummy. I read on the Forum about beautiful people and I imagined the pool area being something out of a Victoria Secrets catwalk. I had a major meltdown 2 weeks before we were due to fly to Mexico. My man was worried. He started to reconsider our trip to Desire. He was ready to cancel our 3 nights, even if it meant losing his money at such short notice. I persuaded him not to. I explained it was nerves and my disappointment for not losing as much weight as I wanted to before our trip.

So our holiday began in Playa Mujures before we packed a bag ready for our trip to Desire RM. We arranged a hotel to hotel transfer with Season Tours who offered an excellent professional service. We told hotel reception we would be away for 3 days visiting friends.

Our drive to Desire began and I did not tell my man I was shaking with nerves. We were too early to check-in to our room so we left our bags with reception and were shown around the resort by the concierge. She left us at the pool area with 'Danny' who quickly and efficiently found us two sun loungers. We were both already in our swimwear and I had relented that morning to put on a bikini and not my swimsuit. It was with trepidation I took my sun dress off but as I slowly started to relax and look around to take in my surroundings I was pleasantly surprised. I saw people of all shapes and sizes, some naked, some not. I saw groups drinking, talking and having fun. I saw couples laughing and relaxing together with their love and affection for each other so plain to see. It was a wonderful eye opener and nothing like what I had imagined. There were some very beautiful people with enviable figures but they in no way flaunted it or made you feel uncomfortable. I very quickly found myself smiling and enjoying being there to which my man let out a huge sigh of relief.

Within about 30 minutes of settling around the pool my man had his trunks off. I must admit I found this very exciting and found it very difficult not to reach over and touch what I always love touching but I restrained myself with difficulty. My man, on the other hand, had to wait a little longer before he could see me in the suit I was born with. I took my bikini top off later in the afternoon but it wasn't until day 2 that I had the courage to take my bottoms off. It is amazing the freedom you feel being naked in the pool or on your sun bed. Neither of us thought we would feel like that. We were surprised and excited by it.

After Foam Party fun in the pool, it was 3:00 pm and time for us to check-in to our room and get showered for our sensual massage which I had booked for the two of us before we arrived. Having read the Forum, I thought this would be a great way for us to experience, on our first day, what Desire had to offer. We had spent hours talking about it and my man had asked me to consider changing to the erotic massage instead. On arrival at the SPA I looked at my man and I knew I had to go for the erotic. If we only ever got to do this once, then let this be the one. I chose to have two girls as I was far too shy to have a man I don't know touching me but deep down I knew it was my curiosity to know what it felt like to have a woman touch you. I also knew this would drive my man wild.

We both felt a little nervous but the two girls were quick to settle us down on our individual beds and make us relax. The touching was slow and sensual. You can feel the excitement and anticipation building within your body. We both had our eyes covered but we could hear each other when we were touched in sensitive places and you can sense your partner’s sexual arousal which makes you hyper sensitive to where you are being touched. I found myself lost in the moment. When my man was brought over to join me, there were hands everywhere, on me, on him and when we finally got together it was an explosion of raw sexual wanting. When the girls left us, we lay there, in each other’s arms, exhilarated and exhausted. We went in the steam room afterwards, naked, covered in oil and sat there looking at each other with the biggest smile on our faces silently asking each other 'OMG did that really just happen?'

When we left the SPA we realised it was Jacuzzi time. We walked up the steps, a little apprehensive, as the time had come to finally see for ourselves what we had read so much about in the Forum. When we reached the top, I felt overwhelmed by the beds on the left hand side and I didn't want to look but I couldn't help myself. What I saw were couples being intimate with each other and I felt praise for them being so open about how they feel and I did not feel uncomfortable as I thought I would. The party from the pool had transferred to the Jacuzzi. We sat at the bar area and joined others having a drink. By day 2&3, with my man at my side giving me all the confidence and encouragement I needed, I got naked and we joined the party in the Jacuzzi. It was great fun. In an ordinary resort, you do not see so many couples, so in love, kissing, cuddling, and showing their feelings in the pool or the Jacuzzi. The sexual vibe with my man was heightened 10 fold and we didn't think we could feel any closer to each other than we already did. To be naked, to be in love, to be able to show it and to not be judged, is pure freedom and is what makes Desire so different from any other resort you will ever go to.

On our second day, we participated in a Tantric massage lesson in the disco area where they laid out mattresses for 20 couples. Firstly ladies massaged their men and then the men massaged their ladies. With oil, feathers, ice cubes and hot melted chocolate being used it was inevitable there would be happy endings for both parties. Brilliant and so unexpected. If you had asked me before the lesson, would I be happy to have sex with my partner in a public place with 19 other couples all in the same room, I would have said 'absolutely no way'. But at Desire, anything can happen and it did.

After our erotic massage on our first day and seeing how I had started to relax and enjoy myself, my man gave me a challenge. No sex in the bedroom. I thought getting naked was bad enough so I said 'I give in and lose the bet now' - but to my utter surprise, I didn't lose the bet. In 3 days we had sex in 3 different places, as well as the bedroom; (i) SPA erotic massage; (ii) Disco area Tantric massage lesson; (iii) At the Jacuzzi area. Unbelievably liberating for me to ignore my inhibitions and much to the pleasure and delight of my man, who couldn't believe the change in his lady who had had a meltdown days before flying to Mexico.

Our first impressions of the resort itself is that it looked a bit tired but the party atmosphere, the friendliness of guests and staff, the whole Desire vibe makes up for it and after a while you don't notice a thing.

We are not in the lifestyle and we met two other wonderful couples who were the same. All of us there to enjoy sexy time with our partners and enjoy the fun and atmosphere of Desire. We also met and chatted to some great couples who are in the Lifestyle but not once did we feel uncomfortable being with them. We respected their honesty. There is a great etiquette amongst Desire guests which is honourable.

The disco nights were just fabulous and such great fun. All those hours spent on planning outfits and to finally get to wear them and see what others are wearing too, what a sexy night. Dressed in a Basque, stockings and heels, on a summer holiday, my man was in his element. He thought his Christmas' had come at once. We enjoyed the disco shows with the naughty school girl show on Sunday night being the one that shocked me the most but which I thought was the best. Well done to the two performers who portrayed a hot sexy show.

Our evenings consisted of getting dressed for dinner, getting changed for disco and getting undressed for Jacuzzi time all in the space of about 5 hours. For a CO resort, we found ourselves catering for 3 different outfits for everyday (daytime cover for breakfast & lunch; dinner clothes and themed disco outfit). We laughed with our new friends at the fact we had one suitcase full of clothes for 3 days at Desire and one suitcase for 13 nights at our other hotel. It was crazy but such fun. I wouldn't change it for anything.

We ate mainly in the buffet restaurant where we found the food is good with lots of choice. We enjoyed trying all the different cocktails with our favourite being ScoobyDoo shots which the Jacuzzi barman made for us on our last night, my man's 60th birthday night and what a night it was. I gave my man a birthday present, at the Jacuzzi, which he is never going to forget. He still has a huge grin on his face every time he thinks about it.

I apologise for not knowing the names of the staff members who helped to make our time at Desire such a memorable one. The girls at the SPA for an unforgettable experience. Danny for his efficiency in organising the sun beds. The waiters who ran around making sure every guest was eating and drinking. The bar staff who tirelessly made an endless list of cocktails and drinks and who kept smiling the entire time. The Chefs who prepared such a wonderful variety of food and who made my man his birthday cake which we found in our room with a bottle of champagne. To the entertainment team who organised events and the Sunday afternoon DJ who played some great tunes. Our cleaning lady, who had a great sense of humour and left a huge dick made out of a towel on our bed. Thank you to them all.

But most of all a big thank you to our new found friends. We had a great time and so happy to have met you. You helped us settle in when we were uncertain of how things are done and you answered our many questions. We look forward to hopefully crossing paths with you at Desire again.


Re: Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:52 pm
by thetanman1957
Great report!

Re: Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:55 pm
by it's all good!
That truly is one of the best trip reports we've read in the last 5 years! :L


I hope all of the people reading this forum, wondering about what this magical place is all about, understand that for all the other fun, it brings you as a couple closer than you can ever really imagine!!

Way to go!!!! :D

Remember, "it's all good, we'll see you in the hot tub!"

Re: Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:51 pm
by poshandbecks
Hi - with this being our first report, we are thrilled to receive such positive comments, thank you from us both.

Guests have said, many times, throughout the Forum, that Desire is a magical place but I was sceptical until I experienced it for myself. Desire has a spell. It captivates and draws you in.

it's all good! wrote:I hope all of the people reading this forum, wondering about what this magical place is all about, understand that for all the other fun, it brings you as a couple closer than you can ever really imagine!!

It is so true, sharing such special Desire moments with my partner we feel so tightly knit its as if there is no distance between us, even though we live apart in different countries. Our long distance relationship is thriving on a new level.

May Desire's magic continue because we are definitely going back for some more :D


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PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:29 pm
by sixmonkeyes
We remember on our first trip to Desire, being in the Jacuzzi meeting new friends. One of the first questions asked is, "So how many time have you been here before?" We were stunned... been here before? The world is a big place and there is so much to see in it. If we had "been here before" why would we be here now? It was so common to here answers like, "Oh, this is our fourth visit, or this is our seventh visit." We thought, "These people must be nuts. Is this some kind of cult or something?" Now, as were look forward to our 11th visit this fall, we totally understand what you realized too... Desire is like nowhere else on earth. Its amazing and as soon as you leave, you begin planning your return. Welcome to the club.

Re: Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:37 pm
by sandybeachkim
We are planning to "break" our newbie status in Dec. this year at Desire RM. Sooooo looking forward to meeting new friends and making some sensual new experiences along the journey. Nice to read the trip report! xoxo

Re: Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:52 pm
by Krd1
Wow!!!!!! We are landing at Pearl this Saturday for six nights. We are really looking forward to our visit.
Your report has us just that much more excited!! We don't want to wish it away, but we look forward to posting our report.

Re: Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:15 pm
by poshandbecks
Thank you to everyone who has continued to read our report and for your kind replies. I feel we are newbies no more as we return to Desire RM for our 2nd trip on 14 June 2016 for 6 nights of what can only be described as sexy fun.

It has been over 5 months since we returned from our holiday in Mexico and we have spent more time talking about our 3 days at Desire RM than we have about anything else.

I have started my diet, again, and whether I am able to achieve my weight loss goal or not, I know that I do not have to worry. The beauty of Desire & Desire guests is that you are accepted for who you are. This time, I am neither nervous or apprehensive. Our long distance relationship has continued to flourish and with Desire themed outfits at the ready, we are so looking forward to our return trip. See you there in 192 days.


Re: Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:06 am
by poshandbecks
Only 7 hours to go until we fly back to Mexico and Desire for trip number 2. Will Desire be the same? Will we find our trip as exciting as our first? With no expectations we start our journey back and we have 6 nights to find out.

We will let you know with trip report no.2 when we get back. Over and out we need to get going. Desire here we cum!

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 1:08 am
by candtdesire07
poshandbecks wrote:Only 7 hours to go until we fly back to Mexico and Desire for trip number 2. Will Desire be the same? Will we find our trip as exciting as our first? With no expectations we start our journey back and we have 6 nights to find out.

We will let you know with trip report no.2 when we get back. Over and out we need to get going. Desire here we cum!

We hope trip #2 is just as fun as your first time. We remember the excitement of our second trip arriving as "veterans". Too bad we will miss you by 6 days.

Re: Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:27 pm
by jkroha
Enjoyed this greatly, thank you. Cannot wait already, reading this makes it worse! And looking forward to "part 2"!

Re: Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:47 pm
by mustang
thanks for the great report! definitely helps us newbies that are counting down the days ! and did i mention 101 days to go :)

Newbie report June 2015 & 2nd trip June 2016

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 11:11 am
by poshandbecks
Our review may seem a little out of date as so many of you have probably been back to Desire since our holiday in June but it has proved difficult to write our review. Our laptop broke and we couldn't use either of our boy's computers. These techno knowledgeable children of today are able to find things you safely thought were deleted!

Our review starts with excitement as, at last, after counting the days, we were finally making our way to the airport for our 2nd trip to Desire RM. Our first trip was for 3 nights now we were staying for 6 nights.

With our feelings of excitement we felt a little trepidation. Would our Desire experience be the same? 6 nights - would it be too much? Would it prove to be too long? So many questions but at least not the same one's as last year when I was worried and concerned I would not fit in with the body beautiful Desire crowd. This time I knew where we were going and I was ready for Desire but would it be better 2nd time around?

The start of our holiday was champagne breakfast in the Virgin Lounge followed by a fantastic 10 hour flight with Virgin Atlantic and more champagne. Our transfer was waiting for us at the airport and then we were there, in the Desire reception. Two friendly members of staff greeted us. They were informative, quick and efficient with checking us in. No hard sell for attending the talk. They showed us to our room which was ready and it was exactly the same room as last year but newly refurbished. The familiarity of knowing where we were, knowing our way around, knowing the Desire routine was a great feeling.

On UK time we knew our first night would consist of having a meal, joining everyone at the Melange bar and then going to bed so as to wake refreshed and ready to party for the next 5 days/nights.

Our arrival was Tuesday, Burlesque night and the outfits were fabulous. So many more couples dressed in the theme compared to last year. We felt out of place because we weren't dressed up. We knew then we were going to have a great time and any concerns faded away as we watched smiling couples all around us having a fun time.

The next morning and every morning after, the ever efficient Danny would organise our pool bed. We would get coffee from the Melange Bar and chill out on our double bed until breakfast. It was great to be back where you can feel free, not be judged by the size or shape of your body; be amongst friendly couples who are not shy in showing their affections. Its a release from the restrained world we live in and it is an unbeatable experience.

When we moved from Desire to our 'vanilla' hotel, we did see 'some' sentiment amongst couples but no where near as much as we see at Desire. After having spent time at Desire, being free with our affections it is hard to switch off, so we carry on doing it even if others are not. I best stress I mean cuddling and kissing as everything else is off limits - in public! :roll:

Back to Deisre, staying for 6 nights we were able to soak up the atmosphere of our surroundings at a much slower pace then our whirlwind 3 nights last year. We spent much more time on the beach, sitting together in the warm sea water, both naked both free. The seaweed was hardly noticeable and definitely not a problem.

The new hotel next door brought a bit of traffic with our neighbours walking along the beach, trying hard not to look but at the same time curious and wanting to see what was going on and what they might be missing. However, this did not stop us from going to the beach time and time again.

We both felt something really special just sitting together with the warm sea water lashing around us. We craved it everyday, we stayed for hours at a time. Whether talking or sitting silently watching the world go by, we felt a closeness and a strong bond to each other. What is it about Desire that brings on these feelings? It might sound corney to someone who hasn't experienced the Desire experience, but it is magic. It engulfs you. It intensifies the love and affection you have. It is powerful and exhilarating. It makes you look at your partner with such hunger and want, with uncontrollable urges where you lose your inibitions and make passionate love where ever you are. ;)

6 nights for us was a perfect mix. We all know most of us go flat out and this was about our breaking point, even though we wanted to push it for one or two more nights. It was 6 nights of good fun, loads of sexy dressed theme nights. The DJ's were brilliant with fantastic music in both English and Spanish. It was hard to get off the dance floor. With everyone dressed so sexy my fella says I looked hot, I guess he wants to go back for another trip!

The staff, as always, worked hard in all their areas. A special mention to the new revamped entertainment team who were excellent. We had a couple of days of flash rain but the team stepped up with bar games to keep us all entertained until the rain passed. They organised body painting for the theme nights which were astonishingly good. The foam party, volleyball and pool activities were all so much better because the new team were more visible and engaged with everyone.

In a summary of our 2nd visit: the hotel refurbishments very good. The entertainment team, DJ's, music and disco fabulous. The food, always good, was better. The Desire couples, the theme nights, the costumes, the atmosphere outstanding. Our experiences down at the beach, no words can express how wonderful it was.

What we found was not as good on this visit was, believe it or not, Jacuzzi time and the Disco shows. We had 2 good Jacuzzi times but also had 2 spoilt by the rain and 2 spoilt by immature couples not handling situations very well.

The shows unfortunately were poor and very weak lacking in any sex appeal. The mature artist of last year (who we thought was sex on legs) had moved on and the girls brought in this year were far too young and inexperienced to entertain a mature crowd.

So was our 2nd trip better? Well it was twice as long and twice as much fun. Each trip has held its own special moments and we are sure our 3rd trip will have many more.

:UK Posh and Becks

Re: Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 8:18 pm
by mr&mrssnow
Thanks for the report, just wondering what issues you ran into with the other couples at the jacuzzi on those two nights? We are going on our first trip in a week and just wondering what to watch out for.

Re: Newbie report 26-29 June 2015 - What an adventure

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:39 am
by poshandbecks
Blufforbust wrote:Thanks for the report, just wondering what issues you ran into with the other couples at the jacuzzi on those two nights? We are going on our first trip in a week and just wondering what to watch out for.

Hello Blufforbust

Only one week to go. You must be very excited. I know we would be. The occurances at the jacuzzi during our trip in June were unfortunate but definitely not something that happens all of the time, so please do not be concerned.

The weather with its sudden rain and strong winds meant couples had chosen to stay longer at the Disco or at the Melange bar so the jacuzzi area, on the two occasions we refer to, was very quiet. Any disagreement amongst a couple would be emphasised and visible because of this fact. We do not know what it was all about but we guessed a combination of a little too much alcohol and possibly the couples not discussing with each other what their boundaries are may have been to blame. It was our choice not to stay at the Jacuzzi but other couples were happy to stay. We went to the Melange bar instead where we ended up eating Pizza into the early hours.

Jacuzzi time, whether you join in during the day or after the disco at night, is a very relaxed social gathering. In close proximity to other couples, we found we got the chance to chat more than we do at the pool or beach. We are not in the lifestyle but during Jacuzzi time we have met some wonderful couples who have shared some great stories of lifestyle experiences with us. I also add that during Jacuzzi time, late at night, my fella has had two experiences he will never forget. ;) Jacuzzi time is a special time and not to be missed.

We wish you both a fantastic holiday. After your first Desire visit, we are sure you will be planning your return. Have fun and enjoy everything Desire has to offer.

:UK Posh and Becks