Dec 14-22, 2018 Trip Report, 2nd/3rd time

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Dec 14-22, 2018 Trip Report, 2nd/3rd time

Postby jkroha » Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:48 pm

Finally getting around to a quick trip report, real world and holidays got us… Traveled Dec 14-22 2018, our second trip to RM, went to Pearl last Dec and RM in Oct the year before that.

To bore you… we loved our first trip, but it was first, so overwhelming. We want to try Pearl, and loved it, but we were better at this all (we are lifestyle, so for instance had learned how to communicate that better, leading to more interactions earlier). Knowing we were now comfortable with it all, back to RM to see how it was different, and I think we will stay at RM. The extra people and crowded hot tub fit us, plus the more active pool. Pearl is nicer in many ways, and I like the hot tub better, but we are people people, so more is better for us.The biggest difference on this trip was we used these forums to meet more people going when we were. We walked in day one and just KNEW people, like run up, hug, and continue the talk we had been having. Not sure magic will strike this way always, but find a group, and make people chat, annoy them juuuust enough.

The beach was great the days we were there, the food we love, the people working there amazing, all things you hear over and over, we agree. We had fun at the hot tub, the beds were active overall, and knowing people helped a lot. We certainly got to meet other people outside the group, but always had those people in the loop as well, we felt like regulars. Many of the group were either lifestyle or curious, we had great play times including the most weird and amazing large group sing along of happy birthday in the play room…. I think there were 18 of us or more active and we all…. Paused… to sing a lovely lady happy birthday (29!) and it was just so relaxed, funny, comfortable…. An unmatched experience for I think everyone there and just magic, not for the actions but for the people.

A month later most of us are still in the group chatting, reminiscing, and hoping to visit each other with family or at other trips… Desire was always about the people but these people made the trip amazing. Not to discount those others we met, Kim had her hat earned by a great guy who danced on the pole for it, We met an amazing couple we are going to hunt down since we ran out of time the last day/night, and I crushed so hard on a beautiful woman that she taught me how to see a bit with her photographers eye that I got entranced by the moon/tree/bird view while surrounded by beautiful naked people.

The only regrets were the people we did not have time to be with enough… like my band camp girl… and the party we never threw in the amazing suites, but we enjoyed every single person we met. We spent an afternoon on a porch talking and laughing, missing all our plans to volleyball or do events… I got a random breakfast and talked about my gastric surgery with wonderful people because I just barged on into their table (Kim was sleeping) … Talked to the most beautiful younger couple who are feeling their way and acted like we knew stuff (OK we know some, think we gave good advice). We had amazing dinners with people, even if we missed hibachi… We managed to never really get drunk, never got hung over obviously, and had the best time.
We hope to be regular RM Mid Dec peeps, hope to meet more people and really hope to see those we met again!

OK so not as short as I expected, I get excited just thinking about it all.

If I missed anyone, message me, you know I love ya! John
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Re: Dec 14-22, 2018 Trip Report, 2nd/3rd time

Postby Powderfinger » Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:16 pm

You nailed it, John.

And, "Happy Birthday" has been forever changed :shock: :twisted:
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Re: Dec 14-22, 2018 Trip Report, 2nd/3rd time

Postby dirtybanana68 » Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:22 pm

John, your trip report just made me relive our trip. Thank you.. It was such a great time!!
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Re: Dec 14-22, 2018 Trip Report, 2nd/3rd time

Postby desireaddict » Sat Jan 26, 2019 2:41 pm

John, I suspect many mid-December guests are re-living a memorable trip report (even if not posting here) from having shared trip dates with you and Kim! It usually takes one shit-disturber (oops! I mean "instigator") to get a party started or shifted into high gear.

Should I happen to know the "band camp girl" to whom you refer, maybe July will be memorable.
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