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Newbies: Trip Report 4-14 to 4-17, 2019

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 2:46 pm
by funandwitty
I will have to say our first time at Desire was a great success. I will do my best to share our experience and compare it to Temptation since were were at both resorts during the same trip. We spent the first part of our trip at Temptations where we had been before 2 times. In a nutshell we really enjoyed Temptation until going to Desire. Temptation was fun and sexy but we felt the focus is much more centered on the "partying and drinking". It really is spring break for adults who want to let loose and maybe dabble in a little behavior that would not take place at home. Temptation is much larger and a person ends up walking a lot more to get to places. I would say the food is very comparable in quality but Temptations has more variety. Temptation did have slightly more modern rooms but we only can compare to our Desire room which was very nice as well.

First of all we thought we would be a little intimidated with the clothing optional portion of Desire but it really was not an issue. My wife had never even gone topless before this trip but jumped right in and it took all of 10 minutes to get her to do that on the beach beds. The beach at Desire is very nice (with and without the seaweed). Laying out on the beach bed during the morning and reading or napping or having sex (yes it took us all of 30 minutes to explore that option) is so nice. We did not spend as much time at the pool but it seemed like the playmakers did a very nice job making pool time fun. We really enjoyed heading up to the Hot-tub area from 430 to 630 each day where lots of introductions were made. We actually enjoyed the size of the hot-tub which forced people to be cozy and get too know each other. The music is never so loud during the day so that conversation requires shouting. There was lots of sexy flirting in the hot-tub especially since one coupe brought rubber ducks and threw them in. They had ice breaker type activities like MFM HUG, or even double blow-job. It was all in good fun and people were really friendly. On day two, we were bold enough to have sex on the beds right outside the hot-tub, It was another first and was very enjoyable.

After hot tub time many couples dressed for dinner and went to dinner before heading to the courtyard for themed parties. We enjoyed participating in the themed parties. After the courtyard party people meander to the disco and dance. (Not as much as Temptation because the hot-tub is still open and many head there for late-night fun) The music was very danceable at the disco but they seemed to play the same set-list night after night. Usually after hot-tub many folks go to the courtyard bar for either late night pizzas or BLT's.

I know our trip was made better by the people we met, but it was the best vacation we have ever been on. The sexuality of the place is off the charts but there is not any pressure to either be completely naked or do anything. If you are lifestyle friendly there seems to be plenty of opportunity to find others of the same ilk. I hope others find our report helpful!

Re: Newbies: Trip Report 4-14 to 4-17, 2019

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 3:33 pm
by hooligans
Thank you for the trip report.

Re: Newbies: Trip Report 4-14 to 4-17, 2019

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 7:40 pm
by lynxxx2004
Excellent Report, glad to hear it still has its magic!