Disabled/had surgery - Would I feel uncomfortable going ??

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Disabled/had surgery - Would I feel uncomfortable going ??

Postby CokeMann » Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:39 pm

The simple answer is just go !!

Please read a very eloquent trip report from a Cancer Survivors first trip to Desire for perspective.

Original Trip Report posted by Forum Member it's all good! on Feb 16, 2010

it's all good! wrote:My wife and I returned from Desire on Jan. 23, 2010 after spending 1 week at the resort. I have been debating whether to write a trip report or not. However, it would be an injustice not to do so.

Before booking our trip to Desire last October, I never would have thought to go there. I then started reading the trip reports and the discussions in general from this Desire forum, and my wife and I said "what the heck, let's go!" As the trip grew nearer, we became more excited, but some trepidation did set in. You see my wife and I are in our mid-forties and we have experienced topless pools in Vegas, but never a clothing optional resort. My wife is a stunning blonde who keeps herself in great shape. I however, am 6'4", in good shape, but have had 6 cancer related surgeries and am self conscience of my body. Thus the trepidation. We are not in the lifestyle, but enjoy people and are open to new things and experiences. So off we went with nervousness, excitement, and a hope of having the time of our lives.

Well, for all of you wondering if you should go or not, JUST GO !!

It was without a doubt, an experience of a lifetime ! The people at Desire were the friendliest, non-judgemental, non-pushy group my wife and I have ever met! When we were approached by people in the lifestyle, it was done kindly and with respect. The staff at the resort was outstanding! They would do anything for you and with a smile of their face at all times. The food was good and the alcohol was flowing, and for all those people complaining about top shelf liquor or the lack thereof, get over it :roll:. Most of us have stayed at higher end resorts that have more luxury than Desire, but never a place for couples with the unique intimate atmosphere that Desire offers. When you see your wife in the sexiest outfits at dinner, and her walking around the resort naked, (well, she did wear a white cowboy hat :wink:) with the eyes of both men and women on her, it is the best Very Happy . The pool was at a good temperature for our visit, and the beach beds, lounge chairs and service by Africa on the beach, and Sylvia at the pool was outstanding. The entertainment was fun and well participated. Oh, and being a judge for the lingerie contest, well, what more be said :o .

Going to Desire is an experience that everyone should have! People in this forum can sometimes forget what this particular resort offers. Because of my illness, I consistently remind people to not take your life for granted. Try to remember your first time to this resort and how that first experience was nervous but exciting, crazy and somewhat surreal! I am sure most of us wish that our very good friends at home could go with us, but deep down inside we know that they are afraid to or wouldn't get it. My wife and I can only hope to return many times. Unfortunately in my case, my illness is still hanging around so we will try to get back sooner than later.

Thank you to all the people at the resort the week of Jan. 16, 2010 for making my concerns about my situation go away. Not one person made me feel uncomfortable about my scars, and as a matter of fact, some wanted to pour chocolate all over my body Laughing . By the end of the week, my wife and I were naked 24/7 (almost), in the playroom, up in the hot tub (when it reopened) having the time of our lives with great people. To the blonde from Chicago, my wife says hi.

To the moderators and all of you that read and write to this forum, you helped push us towards an experience that has left us wanting for more. And finally, to our friends D & C and M & A, seeing the reaction of all of the beach walkers from the Vanilla resorts Shocked being stopped and asked for the time, well the look on their faces, they couldn't give it to us fast enough :oops: . Thank you for your friendship and we look forward to seeing you there again.

'Til our next time, and to everybody, "it's all good, see you in the hot tub" !
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Postby oldseadog » Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:58 pm

Just back from our annual trip to France to help reduce the European Wine Lake.
On 3 family naturist RV parks we were at different times in the company of two ladies who had mastectomies, ( we didn't even notice that one of them had had this operation until the third evening in her company sharing a glass of something while putting the World to rights), and one man with a colostomy bag.
None of these people were self conscious about their medical conditions and just enjoyed the nude life the same as everyone else, and so far as we could see none of the children payed any attention whatsoever.
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Re: Disabled/had surgery - Would I feel uncomfortable going

Postby oldseadog » Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:12 pm

Back from our 2013 trip to France.
On one nude campsite had drinks with a lady who had an automatic insulin pump on a string around her neck and a permanent insert in her abdomen.
Next day a couple pitched up next to us and the man had a colostomy bag.
No-one on the campsite paid any attention.

Bottom line still is - just go, no-one gives two hoots what you look like.
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