New Mexican Immigration Procedures - Effective May 1, 2010

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New Mexican Immigration Procedures - Effective May 1, 2010

Postby CokeMann » Fri Apr 23, 2010 12:02 am

On May 1, 2010 an update to the Mexican immigration procedures comes in to effect. The following is what this will mean for tourists coming to Mexico.

The existing FM-T tourist form is replaced with an FMM form.

If you enter Mexico as a tourist, your entry will remain virtually unaffected by the new procedures. You will simply need to complete the ‘Tourist’ section of the new FMM visitor’s card (which replaces the FM-T) at the port of entry, and when you enter the country you will be granted leave to remain in Mexico for no longer than 180 calendar days.

The new FMM form replaces the FM-T form. It's in two parts, one half is retained by immigration when you enter, and you keep the other (the smaller green bit).

The rules state that you MUST return your half of the FMM form (the smaller green bit) when you leave the country. One half is to record your entry, one half is to record your exit.

FMM Visa Form
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