Groups and Takeovers ??

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Groups and Takeovers ??

Postby CokeMann » Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:08 am

Is there a difference? What is a "Takeover" and what is a "Group"? Are they one in the same?

Our time frame looks like there are two "groups" overlapping. There are still rooms available during part of the week we are there.

Does this mean the resort is /will be full? Does it mean there will be activities we won't be a part of?

So confused!

A "group" generally means a sponsored group where a travel agent has "reserved" a certain number of rooms - either for an existing/ongoing group or just to create a group. (There are a few small unofficial groups not done thru an agent but you generally don't see them publicized.)

It takes a minimum of 10 rooms to qualify but there are usually 20 rooms or more up to even 60 or 70. These rooms are not available to the general public and can only be booked thru the agent who reserved them.

Desire does not change their official theme nights, rules, etc for groups. Of course the groups often have their own additional activities and their own theme nights that run along with Desire's and Desire is very cooperative in helping with these.

Occasionally, about 60 days or so before a certain week, a week that has been showing as sold out will suddenly show availability again. That happens when the agent who had reserved the rooms turns unsold rooms back to Desire to avoid having to pay for them and not selling them.

A 'takeover' is when an agent or group actually reserves "all" the resorts available rooms for a period. "All" actually means a minimum number which I believe is around 90 rooms. Desire always holds some back for premier members, etc.

Traditionally during a takeover the group actually assigns their own rooms, is allowed to modify some of the Desire rules, set their own theme nights and activity schedules, etc.

Actual takeovers are very rare these days- even though you sometimes see groups advertising events as takeovers they usually aren't.

Most groups are pretty good about welcoming outsiders to participate in any special activities they may be having- but you never know for sure. There are all kinds of different groups out there.
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Postby miranda » Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:44 am

Thank you so much! Great info. Cleared up a lot of questions.

In reality, it really could mean nothing at all if there is a travel agency who is trying to get a "group" together by blocking off a number of suites and just giving it a "group name". Correct?
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Postby mfay » Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:38 pm

Correct Miranda. Sometimes it is just marketing. Creating a group to stimulate some demand. Of course they do have to put a deposit down for the rooms if they actually reserve a block so they probably don't do that often these days without having some prior history/repeaters they think they can count on.
On the other hand, occasionally there are times when agencies will advertise a group without really reserving any rooms because it's early enough or it's in a slower season for Desire and they think there will be plenty of rooms available and they want to try and start something up. Sometimes they turn in to an ongoing successful group- sometimes not. You won't see groups like that with no reserved rooms on the Desire calender though and we don't put them here on the forum's events calender either unless we believe they have actually reserved rooms.
There are of course a lot of groups though that are back year after year with a lot of members. Those kinds of groups definitely do influence/change the atmosphere and dynamics at the resort while they are there.
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