What to bring/pack

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What to bring/pack

Postby Bostoncouple3636 » Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:22 pm

Apologies if this is a silly question. Tried searching for the topic, with no luck. We are first timers heading to Pearl in January. What do we pack (for clothes...specifics would help as we've never been to a c/o resort or a hotel with themes before). We are more into the lifestyle than the nudist bit of the resort... If there's anything non-clothing related (or tips for first timers), would love to know those type of things as well.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: What to bring/pack

Postby SJCrazy » Sun Dec 07, 2014 10:04 pm

  • Clothes: All you really need is whatever your theme night attire is, plus clothes for the plane and a couple coverups for breakfast/lunch. As a guy I usually bring a few shirts, 2 pairs of slacks, a couple pairs of shorts, 2 nice pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of flip flops. Miss SJ brings her theme night attire, shoes and a couple pool coverups. You don't need to plan for actual clothes to wear every day; as a dude you could wear one pair of slacks to dinner every night and nobody would notice. You only have them on for like 3 hours MAX :roll:
  • Sunscreen and condoms- they're expensive in the gift shop.
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Re: What to bring/pack

Postby Hector » Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:50 am

For guys, a few t shirts , sandals and shorts for the pool, collared shirts, closed toes shoes, and long pants for restaurant Pearl, and outfits for theme nights if you will. For lady, cover ups and sandals for pools, dress and heels for restaurant and theme nights, accessories. Accessories is important when there is minimal clothes. Lots of sun block, lotion, hats, changes for tips. No need to bring swimsuits, never put on. And smile.
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Re: What to bring/pack

Postby couplenindy » Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:03 am

Here is my packing list for Desire. It might be pretty long...but we manage to get everything into 1 purse, 1 carry on bag, and 2 checked bags:

Pack in Carry-On Luggage:
Camera Charger & Cable
Cell Phones Chargers
Computer w/Charger
Medicine in Original Containers
Spare Sunglasses
Kindle with Charger

Carry-On in Travel Purse:
(Use small beach bag as travel purse)
Travel Credit Card (open for use in Mexico prior to trip)
Driver’s License
Travel Documents
Airline Itinerary
Pen for Filling Out Documents on Plane
Snacks for Plane
Cash – Small Bills
Albuterol Inhaler
Cell Phone
Travel Kleenex
Hand Lotion
Lip Balm w/SPF

Pack in Checked Luggage:
Extra Ziploc Bags (many uses – ice packs/packing)
Trash Bags (for dirty laundry)
First Aid Kit
• Band-aids
• Antibiotic Ointment
• Ibuprofen
• Anti-diarrheal
• Tweezers
• Alka-Seltzer or Pepto
• Benadryl
• Dayquil Capsules
• Hydrocortisone Cream
• OTC Monistat 1 Day treatment
• Sore-throat lozenges
Sun Block Spray 30 SPF
Sun Block Lotion 15 SPF
Aloe Gel
Tropical Trail Mix (great for missed breakfast/snack)
Safety Pins
Hat for Jason
Beach Hat for Me
Condoms/Lube/Sex Toy
Metal Hangars to Use/Leave at Resort (I collect them from dry cleaning throughout the year)
Door Decorations w/2 sided tape
Candles for Room w/Lighter
Body Massage Oils
Diaper Wipes
Bug Spray

Clothing Me
2 Travel Dresses
2 Underwear (travel days)
1 Day Dress (offsite travel)
5 Cover-ups/Casual Dresses/Sarongs for Day
7 Dinner Dresses
Strapless Bras
Regular Bras
Slipper Socks
Flip Flops x 1
Sandals X 2
Black Wedge or Heels
Jewelry for Each Outfit

Clothing Him
2 Travel Outfits
2 Pairs Linen Slacks
10 Button-up Shirts
5 Shorts/Board Shorts
Black Shoes
Black Socks
Tan Sandals
Flip Flops

Bobby Pins
Hair Spray
Hair Straightener
Fake Hair Piece
Makeup w/ Brush Bag
Eye-makeup Removers
Makeup Remover
Face Lotion
Cotton Balls
Deodorant X 2
Aftershave Rash Ointment
Shaving Cream
Body Lotion
Contact Supplies/Container/Contacts
Extra Pair Contacts
Eye Drops
Nail Clippers/Nail File
Floss – Toothpicks
Antibacterial Bar Soap
Small Vaseline (soothes sore feet)

Indy’s Packing Tips:
• Tie bright bandanas around luggage handles to find easier at airport
• Weekly activity schedule for Desire Pearl can be found at http://blog.desireresorts.com/weekly-ac ... ire-pearl/
• Pack all lotions and liquids in double bagged Ziploc bags. I once had sun-block open during travel and this method saved all my shoes
• Pack clothing in a bag separate from all liquids and lotions in case of leakage. I pack liquids/lotions/toiletries/shoes etc in one bag and clothing in another
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Re: What to bring/pack

Postby Lkncouple » Mon Dec 08, 2014 11:40 am

One bit of advice that we got, that turned out to be a great idea, is a Large Turvis Tumbler with a top. That way they can make you drinks, and you have something with a lid on it and it keeps them cold. Also it is nice to have a large drink instead of the small little cups.
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Re: What to bring/pack

Postby BeantownNewbs » Mon Dec 08, 2014 7:26 pm

I brought way too much. One pair of pants and one shirt for each night would have been fine, plus one pair of shoes.

Ms. BeantownNewbs changed her dress every night (one night was pants and sheer top), probably 3-4 pairs of shoes, and lingerie for the lingerie theme night, but it turned out we didn't have time to go back to the room after dinner and before the show...so she never got to wear her lingerie, and her sheer top was lingerie-like and looked hot.

Otherwise, you don't even need a book: the hotel has an extensive library. The best thing I brought was a $50 bottle of 20 year old tawny port which we shared at the jacuzzi bar and was a big hit. Also bought a bottle of premium whiskey at duty free and that was popular too. ;)
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Re: What to bring/pack

Postby WesleyButtercup » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:25 am

Great ideas for packing lists!

Thanks! :L
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Re: What to bring/pack

Postby landw2 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:42 pm

One item we ALWAYS travel with is Cipro.
Get a script from your Dr and tell him/her you are traveling.
Saved our rears a couple of times when the bug hits you.
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