Aid to acclimate quickly, maximize enjoyment, reduce anxiety

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Aid to acclimate quickly, maximize enjoyment, reduce anxiety

Postby enticing » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:49 am

Admin Note: This was one of the best forum posts I've seen to help newbies adjust to Desire.
I have just slightly edited the original to make it generic for both Desire properties

ie " Required Reading for Desire Newbies "

The Customs, Social and Cultural Paradigm at the Desire Properties
A Synopsis of the Key Pillars of Behavior and Etiquette and what to expect.

This does not do justice to the fun, pleasures, memories, thrills, and excitement Desire has to offer.

The “society” is controlled by the women who control any pairings and the limits of activities
  • Multiple Pilgrimages to Desire yearly are common year after year
  • Most couples are married for decades and satisfied in their marriage
  • Non-Monogamy is normal for about half of the couples
  • About half of the couples are monogamous and tend to cling to each other in this romantic environment
  • Couples are in general predominantly, middle-aged, white, affluent, educated, fun-loving, polite, outgoing, extroverted, well-traveled, not ostentatious and are professionals or executives. These are typically and average. There are exceptions.
  • Couples are friendly, social, outgoing, accepting and quick to form bonds, of varying degrees
  • Couples in the Lifestyle (LS aka Swingers) may often politely invite or attempt to persuade others to join them in the LS
  • No means No. Public non-adherence results in some degree of quiet “shunning” by most
  • Aggressive behavior by males is not tolerated and said males are isolated, ostracized or expelled
  • Girl on Girl public physical contact including “body-shots” and intimacy are encouraged by the group 24/7
  • Girl on Girl intimacy is generally supported by the male spouses/partners
  • Female Bi-Curious and Female-Friendly (FF) activities occur in a friendly and supportive environment
  • Women are the center of attention and attract the adoration of males and females
  • New couples quickly adopt the norms of the group
  • Nudity is the norm, which may often occur over several days but there is no significant pressure to be nude
  • Individuals and couples are positive, supportive, fun, sexual and outgoing and frequently talk to new arrivals
    Communication is face-to-face often with a drink in hand
  • Alcohol consumption is ubiquitous, however obvious drunkenness is uncommon
  • Male erections are surprisingly uncommon given the many very attractive and naked women and voyeuristic delights abound
  • Exhibitions of PDS are common in and around the Jacuzzi. FF encounters are welcomed and celebrated anywhere anytime
  • Swinging in its many variation is common and Partner exchanges are visible although often subtle and often done in private
  • The Jacuzzi in the afternoon is the primary area for new swing/swap couples or FF meetings
    Sex in public, both watched and personally performed is an aphrodisiac, arousing and contiguous
  • All body times are seen and accepted, enhancements are common, and the group is mostly non-judgmental and very supportive of less than Barbie-type figures.
  • Connections and friendships, to many levels of intimacy, are developed during stays and often last for years
When in doubt see first entry, Women are treated as Goddesses and the receive the adoration of all

None of the above is intended to put limits on your behavior, explorations, thrills and adventures. It is meant as an aid for new couples to acclimate quickly and maximize their enjoyment as a couple in a romantic, sexual and erotic environment that as very Lifestyle (LS) Friendly. It is also intended to reduce your apprehension, anxiety and concern before your arrival or when you get into the pool for the first time. It is not a guide to the LS. The above is culled from our experiences and observations. Obviously, the above speaks to averages and typical, there are outliers and exceptions. This is comprehensive but not an exhaustive recounting. Your experiences may be somewhat different and varies on different weeks.

Regards, Your Desire Sherpa, Evan
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