October 31-Nov10 2018

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October 31-Nov10 2018

Postby NoRegrets » Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:28 pm

This was our third trip to Pearl, and second time this year. We wanted to put down some of our thoughts as we found when we were looking at the forums that hearing other's experience really helped us to feel comfortable in taking the plunge!!

First the good:

The service is top notch, staff are there to help and they bend over backwards to make their guest's stay enjoyable. We love that they bring the staff out to be get a round of applause from the guests because they deserve it. When it comes to the staff, treat them with respect, we saw some disturbing behaviour of some guests acting like children and treating the staff rather poorly.

The grounds are as always beautiful and well maintained. I know a lot of people have commented on the beach and the seaweed, but after walking the beach into town and the opposite ways for a few kms and you can see it is not a Pearl problem it is just Mother Nature. The resort does a great ob of trying to keep the beach clean, the reality is it is a losing battle and what you see is just what you are going to have to accept.

The pool, the hot tub all in great shape and great for meeting people.

The people....have to say this was the best trip we have had at Pearl! We met some great people and can't wait until we see them again next year. If we can say anything the resort is what you make it. If you want a quiet trip with just some together time naked and being able to re-connect, or if you want to be social get to know others and have some fun, it is all there for you. We tend to be reserved, well actually I tend to be reserved where as my wife participates in every activity there is lol. Whether it is trivia at the pool, dance lessons at the pool or the "kiss the body parts" game (which my wife happily played all to win.....a hat) all the games allow you to put yourself out there and get to know people. For me I love the diversity of thought, the diversity of background, the diversity in how everyone looks, Pearl is a place for anyone no matter age, race, religion, political beliefs etc. There seems to be a levelling of things when we are all naked. Our suggestion to you is step outside of your comfort zone if you are reserved, introduce yourself and you will have an incredible time. If you see a couple that catches your eye, tell them invite them to dinner, get to know them you just don't see that happening at vanilla resorts.

The Art of Touch- this was a hot way to spend time and connect with your partner, focus on each other, let your guard down and give into the sensuality of it all.

There were some things that need improvement...

We are members and we sat through the update...Nash was awesome and she treated us incredibly well, her "manager" can't remember his name, but he is new, was an absolute ass. He directed the conversation solely at me, and when I explained to him that it was quite disrespectful to my wife he continued to do direct everything to me. He is that slimy salesman type and he even made a comment to Nash that "things weren't looking good for her in this meeting" when there was one item that was not caught in our profile. The guy is a clown, and not what the resort should want in someone that is representing them to their members, and prospective members.

The music in the disco....how many times can you hear LMFAO or Robin Thicke, or You Shook Me All Night Long, in a visit before enough is enough? The music at the pool is great, simple solution play some of the same in the disco, read your audience and change it up!

The food- First we are not going to rip the quality of the food, it is a resort and we see the food being no better or worse than that at other resorts in the vanilla world. For us it is the choice/variety of food. There is a need for another restaurant it makes it so for those of us that spent 10-14 days each trip that we don't get fed up with the same things...again variety is a good thing!

There was a change this time when we were there where you needed reservations for Pearl...that was a mistake, with only three restaurants and 2 needing reservations it is not being very guest centric. To top it off there were times where we tried to have dinner with some friends and were told they could not fit the additions in as they were booked up, only to watch tables sit empty for an hour and half to 2 hours. This is a quick fix, most people we talked to did not like this change...and management can easily figure out a solution to this one.

This trip was a great one, loved meeting so many great people. It is amazing that in the short time you spent at Pearl you can make friends that you look forward to seeing again. Desire really is a pick your own adventure story, it is whatever you want it to be, and whatever you make it. Thanks to all that we met fir helping to make our trip such a good one!!!
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Re: October 31-Nov10 2018

Postby animal hats » Wed Nov 28, 2018 1:54 pm

:L :L spot on trip report! If you are who we think your are ;) , you guy are top notch people. Probably one of our best trips to Pearl ever ! What a fantastic group of people from around the world.
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Re: October 31-Nov10 2018

Postby 22truckie » Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:02 am

We were there the same time! And a BIG shout out to "animal hats'! LOVE LOVE you guys!! :) :) your trip report was spot on. The people who work there, especially the staff and the workers are awsome. They work very hard to make our stay enjoyable and need to be thanked and tipped appropriotly. The disco, we only danced 3 songs one night ( love to dance) and never danced the rest of the time. Our only complaint, can they please get a clue on this??? The music around The pool is very good so this is confusing to us. The people on this trip were especially nice and a pleasure to be around. Reunited with old DP friends and made new friends. We did however also see some very disrespectful people toward the staff. It is increadably embarrassing and represents our country poorly. WE ARE IN THEIR COUNTRY! luckly they were just a few and majority were the usual nice friendly happy naked people we love to hang with. We absolutely love the place and have already booked same time next year. Till then, cheers all, the count down clock is ticking
BTW, our trip report will be posted shortly and will take a somewhat different angle to the standard trip reports and hopefully be very helpful to people.
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Re: October 31-Nov10 2018

Postby bigbill » Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:56 am

Great trip report. I'm a picky eater (and unfortunately not in a good way) and I agree that they could use another restaurant and/or some variety.
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Re: October 31-Nov10 2018

Postby El Duderino » Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:24 pm

Great trip report! We were there for a bit of your trip and I was at the pool bar when that woman was yelling at the poor bartender. I'm still kicking myself for not speaking up, but it was so unexpected and against the character of the typical guest I was caught off guard. The staff at Pearl is so kind and friendly, it boggles the mind that anyone would behave that way towards them. Fortunately, that's the only behavior like that I've seen in three trips.

Glad you had a great trip! We really enjoyed ourselves too. We'll be back next year.
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