1st Timers Trip Report, June 29-July 3, 2019

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1st Timers Trip Report, June 29-July 3, 2019

Postby LatteFoam » Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:31 pm

After reading all the prior reviews and lurking numerous threads, my wife and I decided to book a trip at Desire Pearl. We are in our 30’s non-lifestyle, but we wanted to book a unique vacation that would take us out of our comfort zone. We booked a Master Suite for 4 nights.

So the TL;DR: Check-in started on a sour note, but at the end of the trip and all the fun we had this was an extremely positive experience that created wonderful memories that revealed some new ‘desires’.

Day 1 Saturday: We got in a little late since we booked a flight later in the day. Got to Pearl around 6:30 and found out the Master Suite that we reserved was not ready and would not be ready until the next day. That was pretty much a bummer, but they gave us an option for a free couples massage or private dinner. At the time of check-in we were never told why the room was not ready. It felt like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry is arguing over the car rental reservation. So, essentially the welcome to the resort felt off and we were put in a Junior Suite for the night. Didn’t really get to unpack and settle in.

Oh well, try to relax, right? So we walked around and tried to get familiar with the layout of the resort. The Junior Suite was nice and filled with everything we needed. Since it was a while since we ate, we were ready for dinner. We went to the Aphrodite and had a really great dinner. I am a fickle eater now since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, so I was worried I would be limited to what was available. They were able to accommodate me with great food and service, though. So, that worry washed away very quickly. After dinner it was already pretty late for us, and to be honest it seemed like only a few people were at the resort. Later in out stay, we think we figured out the flow of the resort. We somehow always ended up away from all of the action. We ended up at the small hot tub that is connected to the pool for a while, and then we discovered the big hot tub with the bar. There was a couple in one of the beds, and for the first time in our lives we saw something we never thought we would see in person. It was a huge turn on, but it was getting late for us so we ended up retreating to our room for the night for some privacy.

Day 2 Sunday: Woke up pretty early, and we were told the day before to come in around 9 AM to get the room situation figured out. There were still some hiccups there, and we again were never told what the main issue was. I kept assuming they overbooked and we just got the short end of the stick. So we decided to get breakfast, book our massage, and then have it sorted out later. Breakfast was fine. Again since I am fickle with what I eat, there didn’t seem to be a lot of options for me, but then again I limit myself. So I stuck to eggs and bacon.
The massage was decent, but not great. Maybe it’s me though; I don’t think I have ever liked massages. Maybe I’m too uptight…

Then we finally got to our Master Suite, and it was wonderful. We are pretty happy with having two bathrooms. I don’t think I really got into how comfy the rooms are, but then again we didn’t really stay in the rooms a lot. We spent a lot of time on a beach bed that day and ended up in the smaller hot tub again. Like the day before it seemed a little empty. As it got closer to nighttime we kept thinking about the couple we saw the night before, and figured we could do something like that…maybe? So we went to the bigger hot tub and found an empty bed. I think there were two couples in the hot tub at the time and then it was down to a single couple at the bar. So we did something that we never thought we would do. We just went at it in plain view for anyone to see. It was a thrill. We weren’t sure if the other couple was watching or not, but just having them in the same area was something else. Dinner was room service that night I think…

Day 3 Monday: Monday was almost a repeat of the previous day. Except the sun was out in full force. This also brought everyone else out to the pool and beach area. This is where all the positive vibes starting to happen for us. Although, we are a little anti-social/don’t really know how to start conversations with strangers, we kept to ourselves mostly. This was still a dipping our toes in the experience so there was a ton of stimulation overload going on. We pretty much just observing the going ons of the place and processing everything going on at once in our minds. I think one of the most positive attributes of this place is how body positive it is. I was still a little hesitant to go trunkless unless it was nighttime or if we were in a beach bed with a little privacy. My wife was more hesitant as well. When the pool started to empty out a little more I was comfy with going trunkless in the small hot tub and my wife starting getting comfortable going topless. We even talked to another couple in the hot tub for a while. It was pretty nice.

It was getting time for dinner and we tried our luck at Suki without reservations. Well they had a 30-minute wait. No big deal. We could walk around for a little while, but as we were about to leave a table that seats 8 had 4 people. They invited us to their table and we dined with them. We had some great conversations and were very thankful for their invite. And the food there was fantastic. The tuna was some of the best I have ever eaten. Well once dinner we said our good byes and walked around for a bit. Then the thought of the previous day kept coming back. We went back to the big hot tub where it was just us for the most part. Eventually a couple came over and grabbed a bed. I think it was the same couple in the hot tub while we were in a bed the previous night. Watching them got us plenty riled up, and we decided to test out the outside beds again. This was another new experience for us since there was another couple across from us embracing each other, and we loved it. Eventually, it was time to relax for the night.

Day 4 Tuesday: So if you book the Chichen Itza excursion, it will cost you about 12-13 hours of your day. We were pretty miserable by the end of it. Don’t get me wrong it was great seeing it, but the time it took along with some other issues that I will not get into great detail (DM me if you want to know something), made it not so great. But it made dinner even better. It was Italian night. And I needed the carbs so bad. Then the hot tub made things even better. At that point my wife went full nude. It was a shock to me. We needed to soak after that long day and clothes were not needed anymore.

Day 5 Wednesday: We had a late flight scheduled to go back home. So we took this time to get as much sun as possible. We pretty much stayed in a bed by the beach for the most part and would get up to get a drink when needed. We ended up packing essentials in my backpack and sent the rest of our luggage to the front desk to hold until our shuttle came to pick us up. They said we could use the spa to shower up and change clothes before the shuttle arrives since we were leaving after checkout. This made things really simple and easy. At check out we finally figured out what the issue was on the first day when the room was not ready. It was not an overbooked or missed reservation. There was some sort of maintenance issue. I wish I was told that at first, because I was honestly pretty upset and assumed that they just didn’t hold the reservation. After talking further, they gave us an offer for if we visit again. And you know what? We will visit again.

Wrap up: This was an extremely great place to visit for first timers. Again we aren’t lifestyle and we didn’t do the theme night stuff. We pretty much kept to ourselves, and that is okay. We felt that there is no pressure at all. We focused on each other and found some new passions. All the staff and other visitors are great as well. The whole resort is kept so clean. The staff is working so hard constantly to make the resort the best possible place.

We never felt awkward or truly out of place. We did some things that we never thought we would do, and saw some things we never thought we would see. We are excited about thinking about the next time. Maybe be more sociable. There are some things we want to further explore; we just need to go back.
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Re: 1st Timers Trip Report, June 29-July 3, 2019

Postby TandD » Mon Jul 08, 2019 5:31 pm

Great report - thanks for sharing.
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Re: 1st Timers Trip Report, June 29-July 3, 2019

Postby Thrill Seekers » Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:46 am

Thanks for the report.
We go next month for our first time to a clothing optional resort. We have been planning our outfits for the theme nights and hope to really get into it. However, its nice to know that if we decide to hold back and want to keep to ourselves we can with no judgement.

Thanks for your perspective.
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Re: 1st Timers Trip Report, June 29-July 3, 2019

Postby reachn » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:36 am

great report.... makes us yearn to return :D :D :D :D :D
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