Return to Pearl 11/4/2017..Second verse, same as the first.

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Return to Pearl 11/4/2017..Second verse, same as the first.

Postby dsub69 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:01 pm

OK. Maybe the second trip wasn’t exactly the same. Seriously, I don’t know how you reproduce the mind-blowing revelation that is your first trip to the Pearl. I’m sure you remember the wonder of being around people who are authentic and sexy that you really got to know and enjoy spending time with.
We were really afraid that the first trip was like catching lightening in a bottle. Could the second trip be as good? The short answer is yes it can be. Some things were the same, some things were different. Now that the holidays are done, I wanted to write this for others wondering if they should go back.

The same: The people- I think the first time we went this was the thing that surprised us the most. We talked to more people about lots of different things, had dinner with people we met at the pool, I was relaxed and looking forward to catching up with people we met on our first trip. Each trip we found a group of 4 or 5 couples that we gravitated toward and spent time with. We laughed a lot on this trip with that group and were loud and “that table” when we were answering group questions. There were a few couples there for some part of our stay that were there in May which surprised me. We met up with a great couple that were at the Pearl for the first time. It was fun to experience things through their newbie eyes. I do wish that everyone came in and left at the same time we did (how dare they not :) ). Like last time, it was hard when couples that we sat near at the pool or spent time with at dinner, left before we did. The whole vibe changes for me when that happens. I would recommend joining the yahoo groups (we did this both times) and we probably should have joined the KIK group (I didn’t because I thought it was only for those in the lifestyle, which we aren’t. ) At least with the folks that were there when we were, that wasn’t true. It allows for more “getting to know you.”. The hot tub- In the afternoon, this was the happening place, maybe even more than it was in May, because it was cooler outside. Lots of talking and visiting in the hot tub, the beds we used less than when we were there last, but there was often enough action going on to be entertained.

The bucket list- Both times we’ve been to the Pearl we have crossed things off of our “bucket list”. The first time was more about being a couple and being true fundamental things like being naked outside, having sex outside, having sex on the beds….fun stuff! The second time around was more about branching out and exploring our curiosity with “lifestyle” activities. The fact that at Desire the women control most of the activities whether in the hot tub or elsewhere, was confirmed for me. As a heterosexual female, I can honestly say, I’ve never kissed as many women as I did on this last trip. :o We were lucky enough to have one night that we found a couple that we both really liked and were able to cross things off of our bucket list, that we both thought would stay on the “better off in fantasy” list. It also has caused us to really start talking about what we’d like as a couple moving forward. No doubt, we will remember that sexy, mind-blowing night, for the rest of our lives. Until Next Time.

What was different: We left just as a take over week was coming in. I don’t think I’d want to be there if I wasn’t part of the takeover. I know there were a few couples that overlapped with them. One of my pet peeves-- If you really don’t watch the shows, you don’t have to go into Disco. Don’t stand on one side of the room and be loud and rude. The bar outside is the perfect place to be.

We walked down the beach and had massages. I get regular deep tissue massages, and these were really pretty good. A 50 min massage was like 35 or 40 USD. Take the time and walk down to the tent.

We also did the Catamaran. I like being naked in the water, so it was great getting to snorkel au naturel. We were with a group of people we really enjoyed, but we were a pretty tame group (which was perfect for us). I suspect if you choose wild, it could get pretty raucous. Snorkeling wasn’t great, but as a diver I don’t much like to snorkel anyway. Should have joined my Russian friend and done an open water dive. They guys at the dive shop were great, by the way.

Our room actually had two queen beds. We were a little surprised they still had rooms with two beds, but it was nice to have a bed to play in and one to sleep in with clean sheets!

I had a bout of some GI thing, which kept me near the room one day (there is a small number of meds in the gift shop, BTW). We knew two couples that had were seen by the doctor on call, one for an allergic reaction/bug bite and one for a skin rash. Both said the doctor was professional and they both got better. Be sure you have travel insurance.

We are grateful that we discovered the Pearl, wish we’d found it 10 years ago and hope to get back soon.
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Re: Return to Pearl 11/4/2017..Second verse, same as the fir

Postby Lookin4satisfaction » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:35 pm

Miss you D and D....

It was so great to see you back in November :D

We are booked for June 3-10 and it would be great if you could be there as well. I know there were some commitments already planned in the "real life", but see if you could try.

Until Next Time

A and D
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