4th Trip to Pearl - Early Nov. 2017

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4th Trip to Pearl - Early Nov. 2017

Postby sunseekercpl1 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:42 pm

We were at Desire Pearl for 8 days in early November 2017. This was our fourth stay at Pearl, 8th vacation overall at the Desire resorts. We have also been members for over a year and a half. During this last trip we had an amazing time. In general, the accommodations, facilities, entertainment, food & drinks were all remarkable, as usual. The service provided by the staff was exceptional, as always. We really like the fact that we see a number of the same staff members at Pearl year after year. We also really appreciate that many of the staff have gotten to know us and remember us by name. This makes us feel very welcome at Pearl, as if it is a home away from home. In the past we have stayed at other vanilla Rivera Maya mega-resorts and never have received the same level of personalized service as we’ve received at Desire.

On the day we arrived at the Cancun Airport, we proceeded through Customs and Emigration fairly quickly. We made it through the gauntlet of time-share sales people and tour operators by walking quickly and not making eye contact. We easily found our transportation to the resort and were whisked away in a comfortable Escalade. We arrived at Pearl around 12:30 in the afternoon and was promptly greeted. We were surprised when were helped out of our vehicle warmly greeted by Esteban who remembered us by name and then quickly took care of our luggage. Our check-in was quick and we were shown to a master suite. As we began to unpack, we noticed a small amount of water on the tile floor in the living area. This water was dripping from the AC unit in the ceiling. We assumed it was from condensation. We called the front desk and they said someone would come up and take a look at it. We left the room for a couple hours and returned to find the small puddle of water now occupied a quarter of the room. I called the front desk again and complained. I told them we wanted to be moved to a different master suite. They explained the resort was “completely full” but said they would see what they could do. They called back in a few minutes and I was told someone would be at our room within the hour to move our things to another room. In less than 30 minutes we were in another master suite.

During the day we had breakfast and lunch at Aphrodite. The food was always good (quality) with plenty of variety. Even if you didn’t want anything from the buffet, you could always order sometime off of the menu. If nothing appealed to you from the menu, you could ask for something specific and they would most likely accommodate you. For dinner we mostly ate at Pearl. The menu at Pearl changed daily and we thought it too was very good to excellent. Two minor detractions we noted regarding Pearl. The acoustics in the restaurant are not good. When the restaurant is full of people, you almost have to yell across the table to be heard. The second issue involved the service, which generally was very good. However, when the restaurant was full and there was a rush of people, the kitchen appeared to struggle a bit to keep pace and occasionally served mixed up orders. Other than that we enjoyed the meals at Pearl very much. We also ate one dinner at Unique Gastro Pub. The atmosphere there is very nice, however I wasn’t super impressed with the food. I thought it was fairly average, but maybe that was just what I ordered from the menu. One of the nights we were celebrating our wedding anniversary. They prepared a special private five course dinner of surf & turf just for the two of us in the “Wine Cellar”. Of course there was an extra charge for this but it was worth it. The dinner was topped off with a delicious desert and flaming Mayan coffee. We highly recommend that.
The Jacuzzi and pool were all great. No problems getting lounge chairs or an umbrella at the pool during the day. The entertainment staff (Charlie, Kia, Mia and Mike), were always friendly and kept things fun during the day. The foam party at the pool on Saturday was a blast (one of our favorite activities). At the Jacuzzi there generally was always at least one or two open beds, even at night. The Jacuzzi however still has some loose tiles. One of our friends got a cut on the bottom of his foot as a result. We did not spend a lot of time at the beach, but the water looked great and the beach did not appear to have the seaweed problem that we’ve seen in the past.

One day we did go on a nude catamaran cruise. We went with 6 other couples, most of which we did not know. That was fun and we enjoyed the day out on the water. The crew on the boat were friendly, but not pushy. There was plenty to drink and they served us a light lunch. The catamaran appeared to be newer, clean and well equipped. We did go snorkeling. We saw some fish and reef formations, but nothing super spectacular.
In the evenings, the entertainment was great. Each night was different. We especially enjoyed the bands that performed adjacent to the lobby and danced to a lot of their music. Generally the bands only performed about 1 ½ to 2 hours at most. Then the disco would open and everyone would go in there for more entertainment and dancing. Regarding the music in the disco; some old story. It was the same play list, same songs, night after night. How many Pitbull songs do I have to hear in one evening? Because of the DJ’s inability to read the crowd, the disco would usually be almost empty by midnight. When you spend a week at Pearl, by the third night the music in the disco is very monotonous and boring. If the DJ is not going to play a variety of music, we’d suggest on alternating evening to just have one of the bands perform dance music all evening instead of just 1 – 2 hours. This might be a welcome change.
We did notice a little more activity in the sin room this trip. We ventured in the sin room one evening for a little fun. There was another couple in there at the same time. However, what happened to the swing that use to be in the sin room? It’s gone and we were hoping to give it a try. Also, they really need to put a door or something up, besides the sheer curtain to separate the Sin Room from the rest of the disco.

We especially enjoyed dressing up for the various theme nights. Some couple really went all out and dressed amazingly sexy and creatively. We plan to step-up our game an extra notch for our next trip. BDSM and sexy uniform nights were our favorite themes. We do however miss masquerade/lingerie and sexy school girl nights that were part of the theme schedule in 2016.

A small word of warning; the buildings and facilities are not as forgiving as what we are used to at home and definitely not ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. The resort is mostly made up of granite, concrete and stone. Even the nightstands on either side of the bed are formed concrete and tile. Many of the surfaces are not always level/even and can be slippery when wet. I found this out the hard way one evening returning from the Jacuzzi and having maybe one too many tequila shots. Luckily I must have been a stunt man in a former life since I incurred no injuries (besides a bruised ego) as I tumbled down a flight of stairs. I’m just saying, be careful.

One of the last days we were at Pearl, it got cloudy and eventually rained. Because of the weather we decided to take advantage of the steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi at the spa. It was great! The environment is very soothing, relaxing and slightly erotic. We had almost the entire facility to ourselves and it allowed us the opportunity for some intimate playtime. We also had therapeutic massages at the spa. We regularly get massages at home. However, the massages we received at Pearl were some of the best. I even made it to the gym one morning for a workout and was pleasantly surprised with the equipment they had available. In the past we had kind of bypassed the Spa. The next time we are at Pearl, we will definitely plan to include this overlooked gem and the services they offer.

Probably the best part of the vacation was the couples we met (Scott & Kim, Lord Steven & Lady Amanda, Ken & Rochelle, Jerry & Kelly, and many more). Everyone was extremely friendly and approachable. There were couples of almost every age and lifestyle at the resort. We made several friends from different parts country who we exchanged contact information with before we left. We can’t wait for our return trip in November this year.
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Re: 4th Trip to Pearl - Early Nov. 2017

Postby El Duderino » Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:11 am

Great review! I think if this many things went wrong on any other vacation most people would describe it as a disaster. It speaks to what an amazing place it really is that you still had a fantastic time. The people truly make the trip and there's such a great group there in November. We will miss Charlie and Kia, but we can't wait until November to have Esteban welcome us home again. This time we'll spend the week before in hazmat suits so we aren't sick!
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