Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

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Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

Postby BC-TLC » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:24 am

We just returned from Pearl and we had the time of our life. Incredible experience.

We were so nervous about this trip, I think we read every post on this forum. And I really appreciated all the information we got so we thought we would try to return the favor. Im not sure I can cover every detail because theres just too much to talk about. But I wanted to at least share the concerns we had prior vs how we felt after going.

About us: We consider ourselves average. We are in our 40's, married 20+ years, very conservative, average body shape (Not fat but definitely not model material or washboard abs). We just wanted to add some excitement in our marriage and this ended up being exactly what we needed.

Our Concerns vs Our Experience

    A lot of news stories about Mexico and Cancun. High Crime and murders, etc. We almost canceled our trip for safety concerns.
    We had zero issues. We felt completely safe the whole time. We never felt unsafe. Not in the airport, traveling, or around the hotel. We didn't venture out from the hotel because there was just too much going on at the resort, we didn't want to leave :)
    I would highly recommend having your transportation prearranged. We used Luxtrip or luxury transportation. They were perfect. They were there waiting on us (with our name on a sign) when we arrived. Takes away all of the figuring out where to go or what to do.

    Body Image:
    First I think Desire does a disservice by using playboy models in all of their pics and advertising. We are just average looking. (although I will say my wife is way more sexy than I am). But she was stressed over is my butt too big, are my boobs too small, am I going to look silly or creepy. I had the same concerns. I am not hung like a horse and I don't have abs.
    We were afraid we were going to look ridiculous and out of place. We wondered if it was going to be all super models walking around. That is not the case at all !!!!. You will see a full spectrum of body shapes and sizes. There will be a few very fit and a few very overweight but the majority of people are just average folk with all the same imperfections. But the amazing thing about this place is Nobody cares! Everyone is just there to have fun and chill. People will not be starring at you or judging you. 5 mins after being there, you will feel so at home and comfortable and realize you have been worried for nothing. The people are so friendly. We had so much fun meeting and talking with people. When we were talking to people we were never thinking anything judgmental and never felt like anyone was judging us. All of that judgmental stuff just goes out the window and you will be amazed at much you have in common with everyone around you. So, if you are worried about how you look...Please don't...you will fit right in and be as sexy as everyone there. Promise. You will see short and tall, skinny and fat, big boobs and small boobs, big dicks and little dicks, you will see scars and stretch marks and cellulite. No matter how you "think" you look, you will fit in perfectly

    We were afraid we would be too old. We are mid 40s.
    Same as body types... you will see a wide range of ages. I am not sure we saw anyone in their early 20's (I don't think anyway). Maybe some late 20's. I would put the range of ages we experienced to be 30's to late 60s. and I would say the majority are going to be 40-50. And this is all guessing. But again, we are in our 40s and felt very comfortable. But we also saw a few older couples probably late 60's and believe it or not, they were just as sexy as everyone else. We found ourselves thinking I hope we are still doing this in out late 60s.

    We are not into lifestyle or swinging. My wife was really worried she was going to be pressured into situations like that. That couldn't be further from the truth. No one put any pressure whatsoever on us. I am not sure I can fully describe the atmosphere...but its such a sexy place, and so much sexual energy BUT when meeting other people and talking to other people...sex was never the topic. Its like you talk about everything but sex. so there was never any pressure, suggestions, or anything like that.
    But you will see some. As you see and talk to couples, you become familiar with other couples....then later that night, you might see them making out with another couple. so you pick up on that its going on. But we never felt out of place. I know if you are into LS, there will be opportunities for you. But if I had to bet, I would give the majority to non-ls couples. Seemed like mostly couples enjoying who they came with.

    Would it be too trashy for us:
    This was a big concern of mine. I didn't want to take my wife to somewhere trashy. Not a trashy resort or around a bunch of trashy people.
    It was nothing like that! The resort is amazing. And the people were just everyday, normal people, just like us. Very friendly. We honestly enjoyed talking and being around everyone.

The resort small but that just makes it quaint and romantic. The resort is very well keep. The food was amazing. We had read some reports where people didn't like the food....we loved it. During the day by the pool, the food was great, but it is a buffet style, (or you can order burgers, sandwiches, fries, or whatever else you wanted). The restaurants at night....food was top notch fine dining. We loved it.
The staff are amazing. Amazing. You can tell they genuinely want to exceed your every expectation. They work so hard. They get to know you. They know your drinks, they learn your name. Very personal service. Please tip them. Someone posted a guide for tip amounts that was real helpful for us. But they all do such a good job...You will want to tip them.

Those seemed to be most of our major concerns prior to going. Now all I can say, is if you are reading this and thinking about going....GO. It is the most fun we have ever had. It was great for our marriage. I wish we would have done this years ago. We are already talking about when we can go back.

If you go...go full on. Participate and do everything.
You can chill out all day by the pool. But when the sun goes down.....
Get dressed up and go to one of the nicer restaurants for dinner. My wife loved getting dressed up. And she looked incredible. She was wearing sexy dresses, a little too revealing :) Dresses she could never wear out at home. Mini skirts and see through shirts, short dresses with no panties....just go for it. Dress as sexy as you have ever wanted to dress. Then enjoy some great food, great wines and champagne, very romantic setting. It was a dream date.

After dinner, around 930, they we have some type of entertainment. A band, or dance performance, or show. After about 30 mins or so of entertainment, everyone moves into the dance club. Participate in the theme nights! We bought sluty outfits for each of the theme nights. My wife was worried they were too sluty or too revealing. In the dance club...no such thing as too revealing. Dress as sluty and sexy as can. And DANCE. We are not dancers and cannot dance. But we were determined not to sit on the sidelines. So we danced like no one was watching. And no one else can dance either and no one is watching and no one cares what your dance moves look like. Everyone is just drinking, dancing, and having fun. Guys - Dance with you wife. Lose the pride and have fun.

Playroom. We were a little interested in the playroom. May would have tried it at some point but no one was ever in there. The playroom is a side room inside the dance club. After an hour or so dancing, everyone usually heads to the hot tub.
The hot tub is fun at night. a lot of people and a lot of sexual energy. This is probably where is will see the most sex. The beds around the hot tub. Theres 8-10 beds around the hot tub area and I would say at any given time half would be occupied with couples having sex. But its not as "orgy" as we thought it was going to be. When people are having sex, you may glance over and notice...but most people aren't really paying it much attention. Most just relaxing, drinking, and talking. No one standing around watching or starring. Everyone is so respectful of others....you want them to have a good time with there wife or girlfriend. So no one is creepy or bothering you. My wife was really nervous about having sex in public and with people around. She knew I wanted to so she was thinking maybe it can be a "last night" thing we try. Well...we did it the first night there!!!! The sexual energy was so great that we just couldn't wait.

Erotic Massage: Do it
It was our anniversary, so we decided to try it. My wife was terrified. She spent the day drinking (building liquid courage). I was equally as nervous. I was worried it was going to be a bad experience for my wife. But 5 mins into it, I peeked over at my wife. I could see her body moving...I knew she was enjoying it. The massage was great. Very sensual. They get you so worked up to where you are about to explode, then move you together. It was sexy watching my wife being caressed by another man. Watching her body move, being lost in the moment. I enjoyed that as much as the attention I was getting. When they moved us together, Oscar opened her legs up, while Veronica guided my dick inside her. She was softly playing with my ass and balls as I was thrusting inside my wife. Oscar was rubbing her tits and ass and holding her legs open. It was so intense. They get you started together and then quietly slip out of the room. Of course you are both so worked up it doesn't take but a few minutes to finish. You then enter into your own private hot tub, enjoy strawberries and champagne. We stayed and finished a whole bottle of champagne. We were still so worked up, we went back into the massage room for another round before leaving. It was extremely sexy and romantic. Probably the best time we have ever had. Now my wife can't wait to do it again. I would highly recommend Veronica and Oscar.

We didn't spend much time on the beach. Its small. The water was murky and a lot of seaweed on the beach. I don't think its always like that. But it didn't matter because we enjoyed the pool during the day. I can report that you can be nude out on the beach in front of the resort. We did it and saw many others laying out on the beach beds nude. We didn't try to have sex on the beach during the day....I think they may would say something unless you were being really discrete . I am sure its happened before...we just didn't try it during the day. But we did at night and it was no problem. My wife had always wanted to have sex on the beach. So one of the nights after some time in the hot tub, we went out and spent some romantic time on the beach. There was staff around and no one said anything to us.

I hope this info helps. This really is an amazing place. After going here, it will be hard to go anywhere else. We cannot wait to go back. If you guys knew my wife, how conservative she is and how nervous she was....to go from that to now we can't wait to go back!!! That should tell you all you need to know. one of her comments was "We may have to retire here!"
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Re: Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

Postby klak » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:34 am

Great review...
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Re: Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

Postby Explorer79 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:53 pm

Great report, it's as if you consolidated all the good advice from across the forum into a single post - and applied all of it to your trip. People always say "Desire is what you make it" and it sounds like you made the most of it. How long until you are rebooked? :D
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Re: Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

Postby eddieandjojo » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:02 pm

Nice report, thanks for taking the time to post it.
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Re: Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

Postby NNJAsianCpl » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:18 am

Great report! Going for the first time in August and we love reading reports like these. Eases our minds and gets us excited for what's to come!
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Re: Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

Postby Don & Jeanne » Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:35 am

Sending this link to Jeanne riiiiiiight now. Great report.
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Re: Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

Postby TandD » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:02 am

Well done. Thanks for writing this.

What I think is interesting/important is how you explained that you read every post on the forum yet still had fears (body types, age, pushy LS, etc.). I think that's the hardest thing for newbies to "trust". Glad you had a great time.
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Re: Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

Postby Travelcouple89 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:49 pm

Absolutly great trip report! Thanks for taking the time to write and post it, such an open and honest post. I’m sure we ran into you guys while there, hopefully we’ll see you there next July!!
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Re: Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

Postby sandinthebutt » Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:33 am

Thank you so much for the very detailed report! We know nothing about Pearl, but this is a huge help in getting us started.
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Re: Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

Postby wbski85 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:21 am

We returned from our 3rd trip to DP exactly a week ago and were going to write another review. But your review so accurately described our trip - with the exception of sex on the beach, which we didn't do. Thanks for your efforts. Can't wait to go back.
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Great review!

Postby Cheers2US » Wed Jul 18, 2018 11:52 pm

Bravo! Excellent report! @};- I think this should be required reading material for anyone considering Desire. (*)

We also just got back so we might have been there at the same time.
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Re: Just returned From Pearl - July 2018, our first time

Postby av80r » Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:20 pm

Nice review. I think all of us have the same issues heading there the first time. Hope our visit end of sept is as good as yours! :L
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