July 2018, 4th Trip. Great Times. Random Thoughts.

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July 2018, 4th Trip. Great Times. Random Thoughts.

Postby walkonthebeach » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:57 am

This was our 4th trip to Pearl and, as always, we left wishing we could visit more than once per year. We’ll try to write about what it appears people want to know about but feel free to ask questions.

Weeds in the ocean – not good. We spent most our time on the beach beds so the weeds did not drive us away; however, there was no desire on our part (or anyone else’s) to actually get in the ocean. Not only are the weeds piled up on the beach, but they were also plentiful in the water. In previous years Desire had someone cleaning the weeds every day. This year we saw someone cleaning on two days but hit didn’t really help.

Food Allergies – This won’t apply to many of you, but it does to us. One of us has significant food allergies and while eating the wrong thing doesn’t mean a hospital visit, it does mean not feeling well for several hours – not something you want anytime, but especially on vacation. As we found last year, servers always ask about allergies, but the execution is rarely done well. For instance, while they would make sure onion were not on the main dish, the side dish would come out covered with onions. This was actually a big disappointment for us again this year. We will probably write the GM prior to our next trip to make plan that will work – hope he will be receptive.

New Friends – We are not in the lifestyle but love the sexy atmosphere at Desire. While there are always people who are not interested in continuing conversations once they learn we are not in the lifestyle, there are more people who are open and interested in getting to know whomever. We saw many familiar faces from past trips and met others for the first time. It really is true that naked people are much easier to talk with!

Jacuzzi – Great “remodel” of the jacuzzi area. They added bathrooms right behind the bar, two extra beds and a sitting area with couches. Jacuzzi beds. We enjoy playing on the beds and enjoy the voyeuristic part of jacuzzi time as well. Some nights the beds were empty, other nights the beds were well used. We appreciated the signs Desire placed on the beds asking people not to leave their items on the bed. People were much more respectful this trip and left the beds for people to use as needed. Thank you Desire management for doing this.

Lauren & Richard – We went to both classes dealing with the Art of Touch. There are sections on the forum devoted to this so if you have no idea what we are talking about you can read up elsewhere. Suffice it to say, they were as good as advertised. The classes started at 4 but people started lining up around 3:30. Couples were turned away each class. Get there early as the time away from the pool/beach/jacuzzi is well spent.

Playroom – We rarely saw people enter and stay in the playroom. We went and played one night but were the only ones in there. It has been redone as well. No swing and curtains defining spaces a bit. Still no door so don’t go expecting to hear sexy sounds from your partner or other couples.

We had a fantastic time and can’t wait to get back next summer. We’re so thankful!
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