5th Trip - Sept. 2018

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5th Trip - Sept. 2018

Postby cunninga01 » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:57 am

We just got back from our 5th trip to DP in 3 years. We have never wrote a trip report but felt inclined to this time considering we always read the recent reports.

Rooms... they are the same but we did notice some wear in comparison to previous trips such as the bathrooms, furniture ect. All in all, still the same. We stay in a master suite.

Pool / Jacuzzi... the same. The pool is starting to look a little more worn but the jacuzzi is the same. It appeared the jacuzzi was quite cooler regarding water temp than previous trips which is not a bad thing at all.

Service.. We have always loved the service at DP which is why we go back. For some reason, this trip we thought to ourselves that the service was not as good as in the past. It appeared that room service and certain service in restaurants was quite slower for some reason. We are big tippers and tip everyone from 2-3 dollars up to 20 dollars. But we felt that the tip didn't go as far as in years past. Certain employees there are always awesome and will always provide the top notch service but we did feel the overall service for the resort was just hit or miss this time.

People / Vibe / Age ... The average age of the people there this time was quite a bit older than previous trips. We are mid 40's and we felt the age of the group averaged well into the 60's. Nothing wrong with this but rather just an update. Some were fun and a lot turned in early.

Food / Drink ... was just ok with no apparent improvement. Unik, Pearl and Aphrodite were all the same. We had a bad experience this time. We both had spent the day relaxing and drinking water up to about the jacuzzi time. We felt awesome and had a couple of drinks in the jacuzzi, went to dinner and then the disco. We grabbed one drink each for the show and headed to the disco. Once again, we felt our best of the week at this time considering the rest and water in take for the day. This was our third night there. After I (the husband) had half of my drink (vodka), I immediately got dizzy, cold sweats, racing heart beat and about fainted. I immediately knew something was not right and raced to the room. This was my 4th drink of the day. Short story, I knew this drink was not on par and something was terribly wrong. We checked vitals which was all OK but I did battle feeling off, sick, dizzy, lightheadedness for the next 18 hrs.

Beach... you can still lay on the beach but it is horrible. Every time we go back it keeps getting worse. It is not just seaweed, but it appears it is eroding. It is virtually impossible to walk the beach at all.

We love this resort but feel at this time, we will be taking a break from racing back for another trip. We needed to share our experience to this forum as we have gained valuable insight from the forum in the past and truly appreciate all of the feedback.

Safe Travels!!
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