Trip report Dec 8-15, 2018 - Pearl, another great visit

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Trip report Dec 8-15, 2018 - Pearl, another great visit

Postby red88vette » Mon Dec 17, 2018 3:22 pm

We just back from another great vacation at Pearl, Dec 8-15. Weather was a bit cooler than we have had before in Dec, but none the less, much warmer and enjoyable than back home. Here are a few items we noticed that have changed since our last Trip in Oct, 18.

Some changes in the staff, Herracio was a pool bar wait staff now is with Victor handling the loungers, Irving was working the pool loungers and is now a Butler, Naomi wait staff is now a wait staff mgr. at RM.

In the Aphrodite restaurant they have removed the chaffing dishes and are writing the dish names on the glass cover of the warming stations. The bread station has been moved to where the breakfast juices were and the juices are now in small carafe bottles on the cooling station bar. At the bar where the bread was located is now a pot of hot oatmeal for breakfast and hot soup for lunch. The Pizza wheel is gone. Menus are still the same. Food was great; the quality of the beef seems to have increased, nice cuts, tender and juicy. They did not have the bar-b-que on the beach for lunch; they set up a station outside by the stairs and wash area to the beach. They also used the area for hot dogs and hamburgers and fish taco days, and still used the pergola for chicken bar-b-que on another day. They are very accommodating; if you do not see what you want ask for it.

Beach – The sargassum has significantly decreased on all the beach areas. We were able to easily walk to Puerto Moralos and also the beach areas north of Pearl. The old dried up sargassum has been removed. The beach area could still use more sand that has been wash-out. The brown tint in the water is gone. It was nice to walk out in water for a change. There is still the usual sea weed coming in when the surf is rough. There is a huge semi -circle Boom surrounding the beach at Puerto Moralos. They seem to shift it around on different days. A couple resorts to the north had their own Booms around their beach areas as well.
Also for some reason they tore down the Lifeguard station and put up a small yellow metal station, that seems to be just sitting in the sand. It does not very safe and there is not enough room for his equipment. The life guard was not happy, did not say why they tore the old one down.

They had a ping pong table and a tournament one afternoon.
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Re: Trip report Dec 8-15, 2018 - Pearl, another great visit

Postby K&RinTX » Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:23 pm

We were told the old lifeguard tower was "too big", and was in need of more repairs. Apparently it has been repaired over and over and was "on it's last legs" so to speak, so they tore it down. The new one is a bit of an eyesore and kinda ridiculous looking.
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