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Second timers review - 4/1-4/7, 2019

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 7:55 pm
by eric0508
This was our second time to Pearl with a long 2 year space in between. West Michigan winters are cold and we need to figure out how to visit every year!

Service as usual was outstanding. Between the excellent wait staff and the bar service, we really can't think of any other resort that does it better. We feel like the food was a step above our last trip. We seriously missed the gastro-pub, but the offerings and experiences at Pearl and Suki had us excited every night for dinner. The weather this time of year is fantastic. Our last trip was in February and the nights got cold around the hot tub. Speaking of the hot-tub, the new bathrooms behind the bar were a great addition and made getting out of the tub that much easier.

The entertainment staff was excellent as usual. Never a dull moment at the pool, our personal favorite were the lap dances performed by a select few brave visitors! Music selection was overall better this trip as well, with a different "theme" everyday instead of the same tracks on repeat.

A couple of the staff in particular. Victor was great as usual making sure we always had a beach chair and pool chair. Santiago at Pearl and Suki made those nights especially memorable. And Javi (spelling?) did a great job keeping the energy level high.

Really our biggest complaint is the construction. We understand the need to upgrade and better the resort, however we felt it could have been handled a little bit better, especially for this caliber of resort. Aphrodite in particular was heavily impacted. We missed the awesome ocean views in the morning and found ourselves often seated next to unfinished drywall. At least the planned beach and grill lunches were excellent, although they ran out of food at the grill well before 2.

The beach was covered in seaweed, but they really do their best to keep up on it and we cannot complain. Also the jacuzzi is HOT, especially in the afternoon. We were used to migrating around 4 when the bar opened but we found ourselves overheated quickly.

Final Thoughts:
Really we can't think of another place we would want to vacation. Between the resort and the sexy environment, we are continually reminiscing about our stay and can't wait to get back. We enjoyed meeting a number of great couples, from all over the world. One in particular (Portland couple) whom we really connected with, wish we had exchanged information with before they left. If you're reading this, please feel free to message us!

Great stay & we highly recommend anyone and everyone regardless of inclination to book and experience a fantastic vacation.


Re: Second timers review - 4/1-4/7, 2019

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 4:58 pm
by jandr2u
Thanks for posting the review. We're in west MI as well. Heading to DRM for the first time.