Forum registration process

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Forum registration process

Postby CokeMann » Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:00 pm

The Desire Forum registration process has been set up to guard members privacy by automatically keeping out all spam and computer auto registrations.

Please be aware: New forum registrations are processed only once every 12 hours - so it my take a little time for you to receive your registration confirmation and begin logging into the forums

Note#1: DO NOT use a full email address( ie as your user ID or Password.

Note#2: You must register with a valid verifiable email address(we do check)!
Do NOT try to register from a Disposable email service, a CatchAll mail server or a mail server that uses Greylisting
    As part of keeping the forums free of spammers I instituted a email verification system several years ago that does a automatic batch email verification of new registrations as well as registered members every 48hrs - if a email addy does not verify, then the new or existing member are handled in the following manner
    • Registrations from Disposable and non existent email services are automatically deleted and the Disposable email service domain is added to the forums banned list of spam sources
    • Registrations from CatchAll mail servers or a mail server that uses Greylisting are bumped into the inactive member section and the member has the opportunity to provide a verifiable email addy and have their account reactivated
Note#4: If a new user has not logged into the forums with their User ID and Password within (7) seven days of activating their account, then that registration and user may be automatically deleted from the Forums Database

This may seem a little harsh but it has kept the Desire Forums spam and clutter free since we first put it online.

If your initial attempt at registering fails or was subject to the automatic pruning processes, please feel free to re register.

If you still have problems please feel free to email the Site Admin for the forums
Please use the forum links to book directly with Desire RM, Desire Pearl or the Desire Cruises.
This will help keep the forums economically self sustaining and Ad free for all to use.
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