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Desire Updates - Vegetarian Dining

PostPosted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:03 pm
by CokeMann
How does it sound now Vegetarian Desire?

To offer you, our dear guest, the most sensual experiences, Desire Resorts put their deliciously erotic touches to every corner and we go the extra mile in the gastronomic department, offering you seductive meals that tickle the palate bite after bite. You have enjoyed delicious dinners with us and because we always want to offer you original flavors that can surprise your buds, this time we want to invite you to try our Vegetarian Desire options and feel the pleasure that only delectable food can provoke inside you while you know you are doing something good for your body!
Become a Vegetarian Desire Lover

Even if you are not a vegetarian, Desire will make you change your mind about what can be aphrodisiac and what not. At Desire Resorts, we believe that sensual food has a place, the same as our erotic nightly entertainment has a place. Then, we agree that delicious aroma and taste of a properly prepared lobster or the spicy sensuality of a steak can provide you with the flavor and excitement that can set the perfect mood for more sensous experiences. However, we also like to have everything for every taste and we want to invite you now to discover our Vegetarian Desire offers and appreciate the occasion of enjoying the freshest raw salads with healthy fruits and vegetables.
A new World of Flavor and Sensuality awaits with Vegetarian Desire.

Have the most sensual sensations while you discover the textures and colors of raw leaves, vegetables and fruits that mix very well with each other to offer you a great variety of salads as well as interesting, vegan and delicious dishes. Our Vegetarian Desire menu includes it all, so you can have the best beginning with our vegetarian lifestyle and enjoy everything from entrés, salads, soups and main courses. Let us delight your palate with our Vegetarian Desire options whether you consider yourself a true vegetarian, you want to start with it or you just feel like trying something new. Come and discover that healthy eating choices can also be deliciously erotic once you taste our Vegetarian Desire delights!

Re: Desire Updates - Vegetarian Dining

PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:55 pm
by mrstommer
The food there is tremendous! It is fabulous to be able to eat healthy while on vacation…especially when 'au natural'. :D

Re: Desire Updates - Vegetarian Dining

PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 1:59 pm
by capocouple
does anyone have a photo of the menus from the restaurants? we are VEG and can usually "move around the menu"

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:44 pm
by Cooper
So, getting a little concerned about getting enough to eat for vegetarians... I saw some posted photos of menus from the Pearl restaurants and it seemed that there was one dish for vegetarians, and am thinking...then what? Can you get more if you're still hungry? Or some side dishes? Bread?

Also, are there Quesadillas? Chips and Guacamole? (pizza??) from room service or the late night menus?

Any vegetarians out there who can comment?


Re: Desire Updates - Vegetarian Dining

PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:17 pm
by charliealpha21
Yes, I would also like more details on Vegetarian choices.

Re: Desire Updates - Vegetarian Dining

PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:26 pm
by D&G-in-love
Cooper wrote:
Any vegetarians out there who can comment?


My husband and I are vegetarians, too. We've never been to Desire before but we will be making our first trip there next month, in May. I am a little concerned about the quality and quantity of veg food, too. I'll report back here on the vegetarian fare situation when we get back.

Re: Desire Updates - Vegetarian Dining

PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2017 12:13 am
by SunshineLovers
We are mostly veg's (not vegan), but we also eat fish. We have been three times and meals are never a problem. In fact, the meals are excellent - the menu's are diverse and the food is well prepared and well presented. We always have more than enough, especially since we are on our best behavior (portion-wise) when there. :lol: The Mr is mildly allergic to onions and garlic, which can be further limiting, and it has still never been a problem. And, yes, all the food is unlimited, so you can have as much as you like.

We always have room service for breakfast and keep it simple (eggs, hash browns, toast, coffee, tea) so I am unsure of the offerings at the breakfast buffet. No doubt it is as plentiful as the lunch buffet (in Aphrodite), which offers a few cooked/spiced veggie options, rice (sans chicken stock), and roasted or mashed potatoes, etc, though you won't find tofu dishes. The beans are vegetarian, so you can make a burrito in a pinch (guac, salsa, cheese, etc all available). There is a very fresh and well appointed salad bar, but we stay clear of fresh veggies that are washed in local water (not sure if this is a real concern, but the more germaphobic of us has decided better safe than sorry). Cheese pizza is always in the warmer, but we've never needed to make do with it, as there is so much more. There is also a full lunch menu at Aphrodite, but we have only ordered fish tacos from it, which were excellent (and now that I think of it, the cabbage/lettuce was probably washed - and we survived). Around mid-afternoon, there is a cookout just outside Aphrodite (near the pool) and it is meaty, but they also set up an outside taco/burrito bar with veg beans, guac, salsa, etc which is a option if you miss lunch or need a snack. The dinner restaurants have typical veg go-to options (though I can't recall specifics now) all very well prepared. It can be a bit limited given there are only three restaurants, so if you stay longer than three nights, you'll have repeat meals. Still, the food is so well prepared [and our minds are on other things than the food :bj ] that this has never been a problem (and admittedly, since we eat fish we are less limited than strict veg's). Hot pizza is always available for late night snacking outside the disco, and is quickly made to order with peppers and/or mushrooms. We have never ordered nighttime room service, but I am fairly certain they can bring whatever you "desire".

Bottom line is the resort has created diverse menu options and the food service staff is superior and always willing to accommodate any veg requests. One evening at Aphrodite we were struggling to find an appealing veg option (and were also in a hurry to get to the show) so after shyly asking a few questions our waitress began to catch on to our dilemma. She confidently said the chef could prepare something. It wasn't long before she returned with a nice pasta/veggie dish that was delicious, well presented, and didn't seem thrown together at all.

Don't be shy to ask for special dishes, if you need them.

Re: Desire Updates - Vegetarian Dining

PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:21 pm
by mditurno
This is awesome news! We are just like the previous poster with the great information - we are veg but also eat fish and eggs. So glad to hear we have good options!

Re: Desire Updates - Vegetarian Dining

PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 6:33 pm
by D&G-in-love
mditurno wrote:This is awesome news! We are just like the previous poster with the great information - we are veg but also eat fish and eggs. So glad to hear we have good options!

My husband and I just returned from Desire Pearl, and the vegetarian cuisine at Desire Pearl affected our visit quite a bit. Our initial impression was very negative, but then turned positive. For details please read my trip report titled "First Visit to Desire - May, 2017" under the Desire Pearl trip reports. Also, please note that people use the word "vegetarian" to denote different diets. A true vegetarian is one who does not eat any animal flesh, including meat, chicken, pork, fish, shellfish, or insects. My husband and I are true vegetarians, but we do eat animal byproducts such as eggs and cheese.

The bottom line on being a vegetarian guest at Desire is this: On some of the menus at Desire Pearl there will be nothing, or almost nothing, listed as vegetarian. We were initially very, very upset with this. I hate to have to ask for something "special" and order off the menu. However, after talking to guest services I realized that the chefs truly do not mind making a special vegetarian entree for you if there's nothing vegetarian on the menu. You just need to ask. I don't think I should have to "ask" for a special vegetarian item because there's nothing vegetarian on the menu, given the dazzling marketing materials that Desire has produced aimed at highlighting their vegetarian cuisine. But the bottom line is, a few times we had to ask for something special to be made for us or we would have gone hungry.

That's not to say that every menu is missing a vegetarian main course, but on our first night at Desire the only item vegetarian item listed on the menu was a cold pepeper appetizer. Neither I nor my husband were going to be satisfied with eating only a cold pepper appetizer for dinner, so we asked for a vegetarian main course to be made specially for us. The waiter acted annoyed, but we did get a veggie burrito.

After that bad experience at dinner we spoke to guest services about our disappointment. After speaking to them we noticed a big improvement in the level of service we received. The waiters all seemed to be eager to be sure there was something on the menu we could eat, and if there was no vegetarian main course listed on the menu the waiters assured us the chef could make something special for us. In fact, at subsequent meals we had Chef Daniel and later Chef Enrique came out to meet us and ask if everything was OK. Both men were delightful and assured us that making a special vegetarian item for us was really no problem. Thanks, chef Daniel and Enrique!

If you go, be aware that you might have to order something off the menu. You might also have the bad fortune of getting the waiter that we had on our first night there, who acted annoyed that we were asking for something special. But you have to be willing to ask for something special, because some of their menus are simply lacking any vegetarian main courses. Also, if you receive bad service do not hesitate to talk to guest services. They really can help.

The big positive is that all of our vegetarian meals were in the range from good to extraordinarily good. We didn't get one meal that was bad, or even just average. The vegetarian food we were served was delicious!

Hopefully our posting of our experience will help other vegetarians know what to expect and will prepare you for what it's like to be a vegetarian guest at Desire.

Re: Desire Updates - Vegetarian Dining

PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:13 am
by Bares-Fans
I will say that as a life-long vegetarian, I am not a great fan of the Pearl food. The website says that they have vegetarian dining, but the menus often don't reflect this. It seems to come down to preparation. When I ask at the restaurants if they have a vegetarian option that night, they look almost scared and have to go to the kitchen to find out, or after being seated at Pearl, they tell us we would need to go to Aphrodite that night (Really :/!) I hate to stand out or make a special exception of myself, especially in a new group of friends-I would like to just order off a menu. No one has ever shown me that vegetarian menu at the start of this thread--I think it is an elusive unicorn :)

In USA restaurants, they usually have vegetarian items marked on the menu, or at least designate some dishes that could be made without the meat/or substitute Gardein products or tofu for the chicken/seafood. Whoever does the menus at Desire could really help the wait staff by doing this. Of the three restaurants, I have found Unik to work the hardest to creatively help the vegetarians in our groups (yes there are more than one of us on property at once haha- though my husband who prefers to call himself a "VAGegarian")

BTW, vegetarians don't want to eat quesadillas all 8 days of their trip :) How about having Gardein, Boca or tofu dishes daily--something beyond just starches? I am usually so protein deficient by the time I get home from Desire. Baby-girl needs her energy to keep up with the Pearl pace!!!

My go to for breakfast is ask the waiter for an egg white omelette with vegetables to really get ahead on the protein without as many calories. I am paying through the nose for all inclusive and packing protein bars in my suitcase. Trust me, I am not going for the food but wish I could enjoy that part of the experience more.