Private Groups for Desire Pearl

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Private Groups for Desire Pearl

Postby dsmood » Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:09 pm

Hello all,
We love DP, been there a few times. We are a couple from NYC looking to gather a nice group of classy, fit, good looking and interesting people between the ages of 35 to 50 to either meet at DP or any other fantastic location such as NYC, Miami, LA, etc.
We've read about many people in this forum who are unsure about going to such an open environment, we are happy to offer any advice and/or answer any questions that you may have about the place, atmosphere and activities.
We would love to organize some kind of ongoing calendar throughout the year for all of us to meet and have fun together.
We can be reached on this forum or trough email
Let's party!!!!! Sara and David :D
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Re: Private Groups for Desire Pearl

Postby hornyx2 » Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:34 pm

Hi Sara and David,

We are from Toronto and were at DP for the first time last september and loved it. We will be back this year too.We like the idea of an ongoing calendar and possible meet. Feel free to contact us email

Rick and Deb
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Re: Private Groups for Desire Pearl

Postby nyccouple69 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:59 am

Hi guys. NYC couple here. We have been to desire 3 times.
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Re: Private Groups for Desire Pearl

Postby FelicksNYC » Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:15 pm

We are a non LS couple in our early 40's and late 30's, we like to sunbath topless and looking for a classy group our age that we can hang out with at either Desire(s). We are considering other resorts but reading online maybe worse options for us, like Hedo and CSS. Also read that the Desire Cruise Ship needs to be enlarged and update even though they did already recently.

(We tried Temptation and will never go back eww, its a college party that never ended. Liquor sucks even with premium upgrade, 7 tequila shots and I was barely buzzed, wifey had 5 and barely buzzed.) The Sky Bar has the best DJ and food but its empty, maybe 6 other people there.

Regarding Desire. Been to both and love the resort facility, service and staff, and love what it could be with the right crowd and DJ/Music. We love the pool size at Pearl, but RMs entertainment staff is a lot better, DeeDee is awesome, and they start at 10am at RM, Pearl start up at 12pm, we wake up early, so we sun bath by the pool but the 3 hours of silence is kind of boring.

The Night club: We prefer the night club vibe in RM, but still that still needs work, we love to dance but not all by our selves on the dance floor with the entire club staring at us.
The playroom at RM is there for Play not the dance floor or the surrounding chairs, making out ok but not BJ's and hand jobs, I don't know maybe we are too conservative. The playroom in RM is definitely setup for Vouyerism, based on the 3 second glimpse we got as we thought we were going to the bathroom, OMG, lol. Whereas Pearls Playroom is a bit more intimate and "private" considering it is a public space but with enough sexual tension, and enough quality liquor Usable, it was empty too!

After the Club: tradition food!!! RM wins hand down, and Pearl has a lot to be Desired. The food at the central bar at center of the resort at night is very good at RM and SUCKS at Pearl.

After our first trip to RM we talked to them and told them we aren't interested in coming back, after talking to staff at RM, they persuaded us to go to Pearl during SYW. So we went but no luck The disco is not that good maybe because we are used to NYC dance clubs. At Pearl the night is usually over within 1 hour and the crowd gone it not as clubby as we are used to.

RM Jacuzzi, never saw it, Pearl Jacuzzi saw very nice, but never saw it being used but at least we got to see it. Something turns my wife off about simmering in a water laden with semen from the previous occupants actives, and to be honest I tend to agree with her when I'm sober.

I must say MOST of the crowd at Pearl was a lot classier and refined, but then you have the one lady walking around with an exposed 40EE breast to dinner, kind of a turn off, for us at least, and tends to be what sticks in our minds rather than the other nicely dressed people.

Hopefully after reading our take on the 3 resorts a group or groups can help make Desire Pearl or other Destinations a place we can visit and travel with a cool group of people the rest of our sexy lives.
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Re: Private Groups for Desire Pearl

Postby comfywhatsnext » Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:24 pm

Perhaps you should consider a private island vacation where you control every aspect of your visit... Your opinion is important but NOT one that I agree with.
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