Newbies trip report April 30- May 6, 2019

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Newbies trip report April 30- May 6, 2019

Postby BKW » Mon May 13, 2019 10:05 pm

About us- I am in my early 50's my wife is in her mid 40's, married 20+ years and we are not in the lifestyle. In fact we had never been to a clothing optional resort before Pearl. We were looking for a fun, sexy vacation when we came across Desire. The concept intrigued us so after spending some time on this forum we decided to book our trip at Pearl. Then the fun started, we enjoyed buying outfits for the theme nights and were very excited to go..... Well, then the doubts kicked in and we went back and forth between really excited and "what the fuck were we thinking!" We (especially me) were very worried about body image and no matter how many times you read "all shapes and sizes, nobody cares" we still worried, a lot!

When the day finally came USA transfer was very easy to find and got us to the resort quickly. Check-in was painless, no real high pressure sales pitch. Our room wasn't ready, it was about lunch time so we went to eat at Aphrodite. After lunch we got chairs at the pool, I was relieved that truly every shape and body type was represented (and most were naked). My wife was naked in about 30 seconds(it took me a few minutes longer) but before long I had shed my clothes as well. Everyone was very friendly, no judgment and having fun. The atmosphere was very relaxed yet naughty at the same time. It was refreshing to see couples together and enjoying each other and the surroundings. We were a little worried about the lifestyle aspect but everyone was respectful and classy. About an hour later our room was ready. We really liked our room, junior suite, it was clean and comfortable. My wife especially liked the porn channels, Lol!

Food- We enjoyed the breakfast and lunch buffets at Aphrodite. There was a nice selection of food that they changed somewhat every day. The omelet station in the morning was a personal favorite. The only issue we had with the evening restaurants was the reservation process for Pearl and Suki. For instance, we asked for a 7:30 reservation but were told they were full and we'd have to come at 6:30. When we arrived at 6:30 it was practically empty, but when we left at 8:00 it was till practically empty. Maybe we just do not understand their reservation process or did people make reservations and not show? Who knows but it was a little frustrating. Overall we thought the food was quite good and the bartending staff was extraordinary, we tried many new drinks over the course of the week.

Entertainment/facilities- We went to the gym most mornings. They had a decent amount of equipment that was clean and well maintained. We enjoyed the daily activities. My wife did all the morning exercise programs (I did a couple). The playmakers did an admirable job keeping things light and fun. Some of the games we watched some we participated. It was a good time. Typically we reserved pool chairs early to be close to the main pool but there were always chairs available especially in the quiet end. Every day there was a special drink around 1:00, sometimes in a pineapple or a coconut and the wait staff were quick to refill your drink. The foam party was a blast, we got lost in the foam for awhile! We spent every day by the pool and had a great time.

Evening entertainment, we had a lot of pre-trip fun planning costumes for the theme nights. Unfortunately participation was maybe 50%. We still had fun but it could have been better(and less awkward) if more people participated. The music outside prior to the show and the nightly shows at the disco were very good. The Disco itself was disappointing, we had read about the music issue on the forum but I guess you don't really understand until you live it!! For me it just seemed like the same thing every night and I'm more of a head banger than a dancer anyway. My wife likes to dance to current popular music......and it was extinct! In short the music sucked but we danced anyway! We had also read the sin room was small and rarely used. Fortunately for us (I mean me) our trip to the sin room was awesome. Six couples in very close proximity enjoying their partners...Wow!!

Jacuzzi- We didn't go there a lot but the times we did we had a lot of fun :) Yes people have sex there on the beds (including us..more than once!) and we even witnessed a late night 4 some show in the Jacuzzi! Good thing there was always an ample supply of clean towels!

Beach- It's unfortunate but I don't blame the resort for that.. However, I will say those guys with the pitch forks and a wheel barrow deserve a raise!

Overall we had a great time and really connected as a couple. If you're on the fence about going...take the leap it will be worth it!! My wife feels every couple should go at least once (we'll probably go back more than once), it's Disney World for adults!
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Re: Newbies trip report April 30- May 6, 2019

Postby Darin & Melissa » Tue May 14, 2019 3:44 pm

Great report. I love hearing about first timers having fun and letting lose. Glad you had a great trip. We arrive in 12 days for our 8th or 9th trip and are looking forward to going back "home". I imagine you guys are already talking about your next trip and how soon you will be able to schedule it.

This will be our first trip with Suki and we are excited about that because we enjoyed Suki at RM. Hopefully once the construction is done, it won't be as difficult to get in.

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Re: Newbies trip report April 30- May 6, 2019

Postby SouthCarolinaCpl » Tue May 14, 2019 7:46 pm

:wonders if we were part of the late night show:
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Re: Newbies trip report April 30- May 6, 2019

Postby SteveNMary » Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:29 pm

Great report. My wife loves Disney, so....

We have also found the same issue with reservations at other “All-inclusive” resorts with multiple restaurants. They always look half empty but you can’t get a reservation. We are thinking its the wait staff. Sometimes they just don’t have enough to staff a full restaurant. Or maybe the kitchen staff. It’s just something to get used to a go with the flow.

Thanks again for the report.
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